Special summer raffle

420 2023

Promotion organiser

Company: Souvenir Garden S.L. / THGrow.com
VAT NUMBER: B73729667
Address: C/Periodista Nicolás Ortega Pagán, Nº5, 30003 Murcia, Spain
E-mail: info@thgrow.com

Promotion start and end dates

The promotion will start on 15 June 2023 at 00:00 hours (GMT +2) and will end on 31 August 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT +2).

Date of the promotion and number of winners

- The winner will be selected through a specialised website in a public and transparent way.

- There will only be one winner of the promotion, who will be announced on 7 September 2023. Souvenir Garden will contact this person as soon as possible by the necessary means (telephone / email).

- Shipping costs are included for Spain, Portugal (except Madeira and Azores) and the rest of Europe.

- For delivery to other countries, Souvenir Garden will inform the winner how much the delivery costs are and may offer an exchange for a voucher of the same amount as the value of the original prize product pack.

Mechanics of the promotion and participation requirements

- Each customer who has received and paid for their purchase(s) correctly before the end date of the promotion will be automatically entered into the competition with an entry number which will be the same as their order number.

- There is no minimum order amount or order limit to participate in the promotion.

- If the winning number corresponds to an order that has been cancelled, returned, not delivered or not paid for by the end date of the promotion, it will be excluded and therefore another number will be obtained to avoid the prize remaining unused.

Value and nature of prize offered

The prize for the special summer raffle consists of:

- Backpack, T-shirt, cap, glass, sunglasses, pen and paper booklet from Biobizz
- ADVANCED SEEDS: Auto Fire DOG 3+1 seeds
- ADVANCED SEEDS: Auto Slurricane 3+1 seeds
- ADVANCED SEEDS: Auto Mimosa Punch 3+1 seeds
- ADVANCED SEEDS: Fire DOG 3+1 seeds
- ADVANCED SEEDS: Mimosa Punch 3+1 seeds
- ADVANCED SEEDS: San Bacio Burguer 3+1 seeds
- 6 bottles of hemp beer Hiena
- StarterBox from Hesi
- Bowl from OCB
- T-shirt from Sweet Seeds
- Utility knife by THGrow
- Sunglasses by Rockzbastic
- Grinder by Barneys Farm
- Foliar Four-Pack by Advanced Nutrients
- Blue Cheese 5-pack from Magic Mountain Genetics
- Paper books by THGrow
- Exclusive bag, cone and stickers from FastBuds
- Landyards and assorted smoker's items
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