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Caja Completa Cerveza Hiena (24 botellines)

Buy Yakka Caja Completa Cerveza Hiena (24 botellines) in THGrow.com

    • Manufacturer: Yakka
    • Rating 5/5 based on 1 vote(s)

    FREE SHIPPING FOR SPAIN PENINSULA, PORTUGAL PENINSULA AND BALEARES. Handmade hemp beer made with the best malts, hops and a selection of 100% organic hemp grown in the Alpujarras. It is an ALE Belgian IPA style beer with 250 mg of hemp per 330 ml bottle. Complex, intense and with a powerful hop and hemp aroma.


    • 58,50Before: 65,00

  • Information
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- 100% craft beer

- 100% natural

- 100% flavour

This craft beer is the result of a collaborative development between Yakka's master brewers and the THGrow team. It is made from 100% organic hemp grown at high altitudes in the Alpujarras, as well as barley, wheat and oats malts and East Kent Golding, Cascade and Mosaic hops.This is a Belgian IPA style ALE beer with 250 mg of 100% natural hemp in each 330ml bottle. Thanks to the pure water, the action of yeast and the work of expert hands, Hiena beer has a complex and intense taste. The result is a nuances mixture where you can appreciate the clear relationship between hops and hemp, with the addition of countless herbal, fruity and floral notes.

With a hemp selection made by the THGrow team, the final creation of this product was entrusted to the Yakka master brewers. Yakka is an artisan beer brand born in Murcia in 2009. They have their facilities at 630 meters of altitude, on the limits of the protected regional park of “Sierra del Carche”, in Jumilla (Spain).

This beer has been produced taking care of every detail of the process. The grain is ground before maceration so that no aromatic nuances are lost, the must is filtered by a natural recirculation method and the hops are added fresh to the steam cookers. Fermentation takes place during 7 days in truncated cone tanks at 18 to 22°C. The beer is clarified by maturing it in a cold storage room at 0 to 2°C in a natural way. The CO2 in Hiena beer is the one generated during fermentation, integrated into it without having to be injected. And the bottling has been carried out in a cold isobaric way, ensuring a stable product with a clear and long-lasting aroma.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, yeast, wheat and oats, organic hemp from the Alpujarra and East Kent Golding, Cascade and Mosaic hops.

IBUS: 35

Alcoholic content: 5,8%

Product accessories

    • Hiena Beer (33cl)
    • Hiena Beer (33cl)

      2,66Before: 2,95

Reviews and questions about Caja Completa Cerveza Hiena (24 botellines) (1)

  • Barry


  • Date add: 2018/07/25 23:00H.

    Very good beer. Highly recommended.

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