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CBD Cure Paste Gold 35%

Buy CBD Cure CBD Cure Paste Gold 35% in THGrow.com

    • Manufacturer: CBD Cure
    • Rating 4.5/5 based on 4 vote(s)

    1 gram of 35% CBD cannabis oil extract. Pasta concentrate made from hemp from the best organic farms in Europe. Certified and without additives or food oils. Completely legal, without the THC effects. Prepared from 350 mg of CBD extracted by CO² and decarboxylated. Content: 1 gram.

    • 47,59Before: 55,99

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CBD Cure is produced from legal hemp. It is legal to plant hemp in most European countries, and it contains high amounts of CBD and almost no THC.

CBD Cure was founded with the purpose of offering the more consistent and better quality cannabidiol hemp products of the European Market.

The fact that CBD-rich cannabis does not "makes you fly" and is an attractive treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety, antipsychotic and / or antispasmodic effects, without having to worry about lethargy or dysphoria .

CBD Cure oil is 100% natural, gluten-free and has been tested on several occasions during the manufacturing process to ensure that an excellent quality product reaches the European market.

What is the CBD?

CBD means cannabidiol and this is a compound found in hemp and cannabis with many beneficial effects to health, but does not make the person who takes it feel "stoned". The CBD is considered to have a wide spectrum of medical applications.

How many milligrams should I take daily?

There is no "correct" dose. Everything will depend on the state of health and the goals that you want to reach. We recommend consulting a doctor or health care professional who understands the CBD and its positive effects. Research has shown that it is almost impossible to overdose, because excessive amounts do not have harmful effects on cells and does not have side effects. Each product has instructions as a general guide. There are no proven addictions to CBD.

What is the difference between CBD and hemp / marijuana?

The main difference is in the amount of THC present in them. Historically, marijuana has been cultivated to reach high levels of THC, and hemp has very little or no THC level. That is the main difference and because of that, the CBD is legal in more than 40 countries.

How is the CBD made?

CBD Cure oil comes from a process of extraction and purification in a controlled laboratory environment in the USA and Canada. There are articles on the internet that explain how to make your own CBD, but this can be a dangerous procedure and it is best to leave this work to professionals in a scientific laboratory where the purity tests will be performed and each batch will be certified for human consumption .

Can the CBD cure my cancer?

We can not answer that question. Each person is different, with unique needs and different types of oxidative diseases at different stages. Find a doctor or healthcare professional you trust and can talk about cannabinoids as a viable option for your needs. If you are taking CBD and receiving treatment for your condition, we recommend that you disclose your supplemental program in detail to the practitioner who treats you.

Can I get "stoned" with CBD products?

No. This CBD comes from carefully grown hemp plants - not from marijuana - That´s why it is completely legal to extract the CBD oil. CBD Cure has spent years developing special hemp varieties that produce high levels of CBD naturally, and only small amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users the feeling of being "in".

Reviews and questions about CBD Cure Paste Gold 35% (1)

  • Santi


  • Date add: 2017/10/19 05:06H.

    Este producto lo puedo fumar en un vaporizador para extractos? De ser así hacen envíos a México?

    1 replies

    • THGrow.com


    • Date add: 2017/10/23 18:01H.

      Hola, este producto lo puedes consumir vaporizado o directamente en tu boca bajo la lengua.

      Hacemos envíos a todo el mundo siempre que se acepten nuestras condiciones de pagos y envíos.


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