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SHC 6% CBD Hash (1 gram)

Buy SHC 6% CBD Hash (1 gram) in THGrow.com

    • Rating 4.5/5 based on 11 vote(s)

    Industrial hemp extract with a high CBD content (6%) and less than 0.2% of THC. From Solid Hemp Collectibles, this hashish has a pleasant texture, is rich in terpenes and very aromatic. The flavours have been obtained from terpenes extracted from the original varieties. Legal product in Europe with less than 0.2% THC content.

    • 9,90

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  • Reviews (10)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the more than 60 phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, one of the most studied and documented for its beneficial health effects and is the main component of the plant, which can represent up to 40% of its extract. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactivity due to its lack of affinity with CB1 receptors in the brain. CBD reduces and prevents inflammation and nausea and is very useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders, epilepsy and schizophrenia, as it has antipsychotic, anxiolytic and even analgesic properties, against neuropathic pain and muscle spasms. It has also been observed that CBD inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Product accessories

    • Vaporizador E-njoint Miyagi Starters Pack
    • Vaporizador E-njoint Miyagi Starters Pack


Reviews and questions about SHC 6% CBD Hash (1 gram) (10)

  • ann


  • Date add: 2018/09/23 13:46H.

    Quem diz bem disto certamente nunca fumou hash na vida, foi uma total perda de dinheiro, nao tem qualquer aroma ou sabor relacionado com a strain.

  • jambo


  • Date add: 2018/06/22 11:52H.

    Just back from Salou where i picked up a gram of the GSC. When i first opened it the soft/cold texture felt very Synthetic and i put it away thinking i had been ripped off with something NOT for smoking or injesting in any way. Now ive had a min to look it up i may just try it.

  • rabbit


  • Date add: 2018/04/12 00:42H.

    5 stars for the service provided and very fast shipping. As for the product, it's very weak..To call this OG Kush is a Crime and a marketing gimmick . The flavour is like the worst kind of polen you could get on the street or salvia divinorum and it causes a slight nausea. i just wanted to try it for the flavour, i knew the effect would be zero.but guys come on..this tastes nothing like the real deal so it shouldn't be advertised as such! only the texture is good..(smoke, aroma, flavour - zero).. (effect - non-existent, doesn't even compare to any cbd strain variety or even e-liquid), you might as well smoke grass from your garden. please don't even compare this to ANY female cannabis plant its really an offense !! won't buy again and advise anyone to not buy this and instead grow your own !

  • António


  • Date add: 2018/02/11 19:35H.

    Eu fumei e não deu moca alguém me sabe dizer porquê?

    1 replies

    • THGrow.com


    • Date add: 2018/02/14 13:00H.

      ESP- Hola, este producto es extracto 100% de Cannabis Sativa L. de cultivos Europeos. Se pueden consumir fumados, vaporizados ó en infusiones con leche. Las resinas están prensadas y enriquecidas con CBD y terpenos de cada variedad por lo que su sabor es muy parecido al sabor de cada planta. Su consumo es recomendado para aprovechar las propiedades del CBD. Los productos pueden variar su concentración entre un 4% y un 22% pero siempre con menos del 0,2% de THC. Este producto no es psicoactivo por lo que no “coloca”.

      PT- Olá, este produto é 100% de extrato de Cannabis Sativa L. de culturas europeias. Você pode consumir fumado, en vaporizador ou infundido com leite. As resinas são pressionadas e enriquecidas com CBD e terpenos de cada variedade para que seu sabor seja muito parecido com o sabor de cada planta. Recomenda-se o seu consumo para aproveitar as propriedades do CBD. Os produtos podem variar sua concentração entre 4% e 22%, mas sempre com menos de 0,2% de THC. Este produto não é psicoativo, portanto, não da "moca".

      ENG- Hello, this product is 100% Cannabis Sativa L. extract from European crops. You can consume smoked, vaporicer or infused with milk. The resins are pressed and enriched with CBD and terpenes of each variety so their flavor is very similar to the flavor of each plant. Its consumption is recommended to take advantage of the properties of the CBD. The products can vary their concentration between 4% and 22% but always with less than 0.2% THC. This product is not psychoactive so it does not "stone"

  • Joao


  • Date add: 2018/01/21 15:09H.

    Isso mistura com tabaco ou fumasse assim puro? Da para por em bolos?

  • Virgilio


  • Date add: 2018/01/17 06:33H.

    Perdoem a minha ignorância, gostava que me informassem se este haxixe pode ser consumido por vaporizador.
    Caso não seja possível, como pode ser consumido?

    1 replies

    • 0


    • Date add: 2018/01/23 17:57H.

      Ola, como tudos os derivados cannabiscos pode consumir vaporiçado ou fumado.

  • Miranda


  • Date add: 2017/12/18 21:33H.

    Isto nao dá moca pois não?

    1 replies

    • 0


    • Date add: 2018/01/23 19:03H.

      Ola, o CBD so te efeitos relaxantes e calmantesm nao te efeitos euforizantes pois nao te THC, mais te bom sabor o bom cheiro

  • D


  • Date add: 2017/11/28 11:52H.

    Is this for smoking???

    1 replies

    • THGrow.com


    • Date add: 2018/02/14 13:36H.

      Hi, yes you can consume smoked, vaporicer or infused with milk.

  • Lord


  • Date add: 2017/11/23 22:18H.

    Espero que mantenham sempre em Stock este produto!!
    Obrigado a equipa kaya (thgrow) pelo excelente atendimento e serviço!

  • Lord


  • Date add: 2017/11/22 23:39H.

    Isto é espetacular!
    Provei o de OG kush
    Muito bom, 5 estrelas
    Espero que reponham o stock rapidamente!

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