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    Mezcla 100% orgánica y soluble para crecimiento. Fertilizante líquido muy concentrado que fomenta las distancias internodales cortas y el sabor, estimulando también la respuesta a la floración.

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  • El Dr. Hornby vuelve a sorprendernos con un nuevo y completo fertilizante líquido muy concentrado, diseñado para el crecimiento optimo de todo tipo de plantas en especial para las productoras de resinas y aceites esenciales o plantas medicinales de gran valor. Este poderoso fertilizante líquido es 100% orgánico y totalmente soluble. Para su elaboración se ha utilizado como base pescado fresco de las cristalinas aguas del Pacífico Norte; con más de 70 macro y micro nutrientes diferentes, vitaminas, humus de lombriz, guano de aves marinas y de murciélago, extractos de krill (pequeños crustaceos del que se alimentan las ballenas y otros cetáceos), extractos (en frío) de yuca y alfalfa y diferentes tipos de cenizas volcánicas puras. La cantidad de materia organica en una sola botella de IGUANA GROW, supera hasta en 15 veces la cantidad utilizada por cualquier otro fabricante de abonos orgánicos.

    Durante cuidadosas pruebas de cultivo obtuvimos rendimientos impresionantes, superando incluso a los obtenidos con nuestra legendaria fórmula de 2 componentes. IGUANA GROW vence con autoridad a otros fertilizantes orgánicos de la competencia. Esta poderosa mezcla de elementos orgánicos produce mejor crecimiento de tallos centrales y ramas laterales, desarrolla una enorme masa radicular en muy poco tiempo y robustece a la planta en general para la floración, preparandola para la formación de enormes cogollos, además fomenta que las distancias internodales sean muy cortas, produciendo densos, frondosos y pesados cogollos con sabor fresco y aromático que solamente pueden proporcionar los mejores abonos orgánicos.


    Douglas, a grower from Spokane, Washington, had been growing our types of plants for years.

    He had recently switched to only eating organically grown fruits and vegetables and loved the health benefits. So he wanted to bring the same feeling into the crops he was growing.

    Excited, he started with a common organic fertilizer called Earth Juice... and... in his own words it was "a nightmare"!

    Why? There were many reasons. If you've ever tried growing organically before, ask yourself if any of these problems sound familiar...

    - It was extremely hard to mix and apply unless he watered by hand which took way too much of his valuable time...

    - It smelled horrible, like raw sewage, and made Douglas and his family want to retch whenever they went near the indoor grow room in their home...

    - Fungus gnats began breeding in the sludge and spread all over his plants, his house and totally disgusted him and his family...

    - While he was getting a decent harvest before with a 3-part synthetic blend, his plants were now pale green, sick looking and he was left with an "overflowing toilet" type situation in his grow room!

    - And worst of all, It built up like sludge around his Rockwool and became like what you'd see at a raw sewage treatment plant...


    After his disgusting results, Douglas flushed out the Earth Juice and tried the next organic fertilizer his store recommended, Pure Blend Pro. But he soon found out it was just an additive and not a base nutrient.

    Not only that, he discovered Pure Blend Pro was not 100% organic because it included ingredients like potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate...

    Even worse: these carbonates, which are included as pH buffers actually leak into the growing medium … build up over time becoming more concentrated … and eventually raise the pH of the growing medium … creating a less than ideal growing environment for plants.

    On a mission now, Douglas was determined to find an organic nutrient blend that worked!

    He tried some off-brand organic nutrients made by home brewers, including super teas, and found the same kind of problems over and over...

    They were extremely hard to mix and use... smelled bad (so bad, they couldn't be used indoors because of the raw sewage smell)... clogged his pump system... or they didn't give the plants enough nutrients to grow strong.

    Just when he was about to give up, he discovered...


    At first, Douglas was skeptical of IGUANA JUICE™ because everything else he had used promised to be just as good and still gave him the same disgusting and frustrating problems.

    But, with the 100% money-back guarantee Advanced Nutrients offers on all their products, he figured he had nothing to lose so he bought both IGUANA JUICE™ grow and IGUANA JUICE™ bloom one-part nutrients for his next cycle.

    Here's what Douglas had to say, in his own words,

    "Let me tell you, I could tell from the first time I opened the Iguana Grow container that this was going to be different for me and my plants.

    I could tell that this was a fully organic formula but also that it didn't smell like sewage.

    It poured easily and diluted itself into my reservoir real well. It worked easy in my system and went right into the plants' roots with no trouble.

    The plants were greener and grew faster than I had ever seen.

    I used Iguana Bloom for bloom phase, and I gave your stuff an A+ because I see that the taste and yield are improved over anything I've used before, even synthetics."


    NUMBER ONE: Iguana is 100% organic and uses only premium quality and sourced ingredients... including... the most potent, effective, and powerful micronutrients available today.

    For example, several types of guano from different sources are utilized so you get a broader range of guano nutrients. And Advanced Nutrients thoroughly washes the guano, so you only get purified guano extracts that don't make you gag from the smell.

    In fact, all the ingredients in IGUANA JUICE™ are quadruple clean-processed utilizing so they're deodorized and disinfected. Because of this, your garden smells great and stays safe!

    And the manufacturing processes are so advanced that the ingredients retain their whole nutritional value, or the nutritional value is actually magnified (due to the removal of contaminants) during this extensive cleaning process.

    It's the same with the immaculate kelp meal extracts used in IGUANA JUICE™. Your plants get more concentrated kelp nutrition than they ever could before.

    What's more: Advanced Nutrients uses several different blends of volcanic ash from many different parts of the world (because of differing nutrient profiles) to source only the most powerful, effective and nutritious micronutrients possible for use in this formula.

    In short, every ingredient in IGUANA JUICE™ is premium sourced, deodorized, and clean-processed so you get only the freshest, purest and most potent organic formula available.

    NUMBER TWO: IGUANA JUICE™ is a liquid, one-part fertilizer formula that has been quadruple filtered using a heated pressurized system.

    That's why it mixes easily in any type of hydroponic gardening system... and... why it flows so easily through almost any type of system without ever clogging it.

    In fact, Iguana has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum and soil growing mediums. And you can use it with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feed growing systems.

    It's also the reason why you never have to worry about the nasty "sludge" buildup you would get from nearly every other organic fertilizer system. And speaking of sludge...

    NUMBER THREE: Because IGUANA JUICE™ doesn't smell like sewage and it mixes fully without creating "sludge" in your filters and growing systems, it doesn't create the same environment that other organic formulas create.

    This means you won't be breeding fungus gnats or other insects in your grow room that spread germs, diseases, attack your plants, and are downright disgusting and annoying! And that's not the only benefit to a liquid, one-part formula like this...

    NUMBER FOUR: Because IGUANA JUICE™ is a one-part liquid formula, it's extremely easy to mix and use. So if you're looking for a simpler, more effective organic fertilizer formula-this is it!

    Here's how simple it is: IGUANA GROW is a one-part complete organic nutrient for use in your grow phase. And IGUANA BLOOM is a one-part complete organic nutrient for use in your bloom phase. They contain exactly what your plants need in each specific phase to set you up for maximum yields and the most delicious harvests ever.

    NUMBER FIVE: IGUANA JUICE™ was developed specifically for the types of plants you grow to give them... exactly... down to the cellular level... what they need for vigourus growth and big bloom phases.

    Here's how...

    - Unlike other organic nutrients which are too "hot" and burn plants with too much nitrogen, IGUANA JUICE GROW™ contains the exact ratio of softer, more rounded Nitrogen to fuel optimum growth...

    - It contains only the most premium, pure, and effective nutrients and micronutrients your plants need like fish extract, guano, earthworm castings, yucca, krill, alfalfa, volcanic ash and other exclusively-sourced, premium-quality, 100% organic ingredients that spur plant metabolism, budding sites, floral development, and enhanced taste and aroma.

    - These organic ingredients are loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients and growth enhancing extracts that force your plants to do exactly what you want them to do as soon as possible.

    - This unique formulation guarantees to improve how nutrients are transfer from the root zone directly into your plants.

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