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    Big Bud dispara la producción de resina e incrementa el rendimiento, aumentando enormemente el crecimiento del cogollo, así como su volumen, peso y producción de resina y terpenoides aromáticos.

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  • Big Bud Seco: Análisis garantizado
    Fósforo (P2O5): 15,0%
    Potasio (K2O): 35,0%
    Azufre (S): 10,0%

    Big Bud Líquido: Análisis garantizado
    Fósforo (P2O5): 1%
    Potasio (K2O): 3%

    Modo de empleo:
    Seco: 0,5 gr por litro de agua (la conductividad de la solución se incrementará en 0,2 puntos aproximadamente).
    Líquido: 2 ml por litro durante las semanas 2 a 4 de la fase de floración.

    Durante extensas pruebas de campo, Big Bud superó de manera aplastante a todos sus competidores debido a su proporción específica de fósforo, potasio, magnesio y los aminoácidos: Alamina; Arginina; Ácido aspártico; Cisteina; Ácido Glutámico; Glicina; Histidina; Isoleucina; Leucina; Lisina; Metionina; Phenilalamina; Prolina y Serina.


    Big Bud has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum and soil growing mediums. Big Bud has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood and drain and continuous liquid feed growing systems.


    You're likely to be among the 91.7% of growers who use bloom boosters every bloom cycle, so it's natural for you to want to be sure that your boosters give you the biggest yields possible for your garden.

    To be precise, you look for bloom booster effects that include:

    1. Larger, heavier, denser flowers

    2. Flowers with more essential oils, aromatics, terpenoids, phenols and other potency factors

    3. Measurable, significant increases in overall harvest weight and market value

    How do most bloom boosters stack up in meeting these goals? Not as well as they could. In fact, until recently poorly-absorbed forms of phosphorus and potassium (P and K) were the main ingredients in most bloom boosters.

    Worse yet, almost all bloom boosters have incorrect ratios or types of phosphorus and potassium. Most bloom boosters provide double the amount of phosphorus to potassium. That's not useful. Your plants are much hungrier for potassium than for phosphorus during bloom phase.

    And when too much phosphorus is dumped into your plants, it creates a potential for phosphorus toxicity that works against flower production and overall plant health.

    Not only that, your crops may taste harsh so they hurt your throat and lungs.


    There's a lot more to fueling bigger flowers than giving your plants correct ratios and types of potassium and phosphorus.

    It turns out that floral production revs up most when your plants are provided the full range and correct forms of substances called amino acids, which are building blocks of proteins, terpenoids, phenols and alkaloids.

    This means you want to give 20 "L-form" amino acids to your plants, with especially important doses of L-tryptophan, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamate and L-Glycine.

    Why the special emphasis on these four L-form amino acids? Here's the scoop:

    - Your plants utilize L-tryptophan to create an important floral growth hormone called indole acetic acid (IAA). Boosting synthesis of IAA creates larger flowers with more potency.

    - L-Cysteine provides sulphur, and along with L-Glycine is a prime element in formation of an internal plant protectant compound called glutathione.

    - Plants respond to bloom phase stress by making glutathione, which has a number of functions including helping plants deal with heat stress, other environmental stressors, and free radicals.

    - Because many hydroponics nutrients provide no amino acids, and because indoor gardening is inherently stressful to plants, tissue samples show that many plants have glutathione deficiency that slows down metabolic function and results in lower yield sizes.

    Not only are you now aware of the crucial role amino acids play in floral production and overall plant health, it's important to have the L-form of amino acids rather than the less-complex "D" form aminos.

    For one thing, your plants' cells need all 20 amino acids, but some amino acids are harder for plants to create or absorb. Not only that, but few bloom boosters contain amino acids, and almost all the ones that do contain inferior D-aminos that plants have a hard time utilizing because they are less water soluble.

    Please remember that only L-form amino acids are the ideal forms for easy absorption and proven yield increase.


    So far, you've seen how bud builder product research shows that precise and appropriate ratios of potassium and phosphorus create larger flowers, and that L-form amino acids help plants make larger, better-formed flowers that carry more potency and value.

    But the good news just keeps getting better because other substances such as citric acid directly supplement cellular respiration, help your plants transfer nutrient and energy from roots to all other plant parts, and increase your plants' ability to transform sugars into energy. In addition, ascorbic acid (as ascorbate) revs up photosynthesis.

    The bottom line is that ascorbic acid, citric acid, all 20 L-form amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are found in the correct ratios in the easy to use liquid bud potentiator created by our scientists. It's called Big Bud.

    Here's what you're guaranteed to see when you use Big Bud:

    - More Flowers

    - Bigger Flowers

    - More Potent Flowers

    - Flowers With Higher Market Value

    - Liquid Formula for Easier Mixing and Absorption

    When you look at the facts and see the results, you agree that Big Bud offers you a convenient, reliable way to deliver a unique suite of bud potentiator ingredients into your flowering plants.

    You do your plants a favor by procuring Big Bud today so you feed L-aminos and other ingredients that maximize your hydroponics gardening investment and you see larger, richer, more glistening flowers.

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      Avaliação 4.4/5 baseada em 8 voto(s)

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      • Posso usar em plantas automáticas ??

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        • Olá, este produto pode ser utilizado tanto em plantas autoflorescentes quanto em plantas sazonais, seguindo as doses e recomendações do fabricante.

          Hola, este producto se puede usar tanto en plantas autoflorecientes como en plantas de temporada, siguiendo las dosis y recomendaciones del fabricante.

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