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    Mostly Indica. White Widow selection. Highly resinous. Flowering indoor: 7 - 8 weeks; harvest outdoors: mid October. Indoor - outdoor.

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  • Product description

  • Mostly Indica. White Widow selection. Highly resinous.

    The amount of resin that can produce each bud compensates for its moderate growth and its harvest (lower than other varieties of Advanced Seeds).

    Bittersweet aroma. Its intense smell increase during flowering until high levels. Very intense taste.

    To get bigger plants it is possible to extend growing period until four weeks.

    Outdoor growing is easy because this is a compact and strong variety.

    Genética: Brasileña x South Indian
    Rendimiento: 400 - 500 gr / m2
    THC: 16%
    Altura exterior: 1.6 - 2.5 m
    Altura en interior: 60 a 90 cm

    • Customer reviews (7)

      Rating 4.2/5 based on 5 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2013/10/19
      • Had a few of these as free seeds. They were quite good. Easy to clone ((toked around 14 days to develop roots), and it seemed to require very light feeding. Needs a lot of veg time if you want tall plants, but the buds are worth the wait (sticky and very dense).

      • Anonymous 2013/03/01
      • Gracias Kaya, pelo relago.

      • Anonymous 2013/06/29
      • Gracias Kaya por regalo de semilha...

      • Anonymous 2012/06/12
      • Compro diez semillas, me regalan esa, y crece el doble de rapido que las demas, una buena hembra de dulce aroma, muy buena eleccion para una cosecha de indicas potentes y que marcan el ritmo.

      • Anonymous 2012/06/11
      • Strong head high,very spacey.

      • Anonymous 2011/03/30
      • Planta muito resistente, excelente forca de raizes e muito boa genética. Muito resinosa e cheia de cristais, producão bastante convidativa, aconselho a quem queira por tanto indoor como outdoor. Excelente para clonagem

      • Anonymous 2013/12/30
      • Obrigado pela oferta desta semeilha muito boa

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