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Legal Notice

In the framework of the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, held in Vienna in 1961, and ratified by the Spanish state in 1966, establishing the drugs under international control. Among them, in Schedules I and IV annexed to the agreement, are included cannabis and its resins, extracts and tinctures. According to the information package compiled by the Information Service of the United Nations, cannabis means even unofficially, to the flowering or fruiting of the cannabis plant (excluding the seeds and leaves no by the branchs-end) of which the resin is removed. In consideration of this concept, cannabis seeds are not under international control.

On the basis of the provisions contained in the international Convention of 1961, the legislative authorities of the several signatories States have pronounced many and varied criminal or administrative national rules, who develop and complement international regulations. Are many the laws of the countries in the world that prohibit and sanction the purchase, sale, possession or holding of cannabis seeds. Unable to know all national laws abroad and with the intention to fully  comply with applicable law in each sovereign territory, SOUVENIR GARDEN S.L. limits sending cannabis seeds to those destinations governed by the same criminal law as in Spain, declining to accept any orders to be delivered outside the territory of those regulations.

SOUVENIR GARDEN S.L. conducts its business by offering various virtual goods or articles of lawful commerce in Spain. Spanish law does not prohibit the sale of cannabis seeds in Spanish territory. Nor is there any legal provision to penalize possession although there are doctrinal views that consider tenure as a preparatory act with impunity, are not endorsed by the Supreme Court's jurisprudence.

The Penal Code, approved by Law 10/95 of November 23, in articles 368 et seq, provides prison sentences from one to three years for those performing acts of cultivation, processing and trafficking of cannabis. Spanish criminal law considers and punishs as a crime against public health cultivation and those acts intended for sale or trade or carried out with the purpose to promote, encourage or facilitate illegal use of third parties. The jurisprudence of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court has reiteratively indicated that cannabis cultivation is a prohibited and punishable act,  prosecuted for endangering public health.

SOUVENIR GARDEN S.L. urges responsibility and diligence of each person on their acts and never invites or encourages its customers to act contrary to the law, asking the client a noble, fair, responsible and diligent usage of articles or products purchased. SOUVENIR GARDEN S.L. disclaims any liability for breaching conditions of employment of the law or of the transfer, donation or gift to a third.

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