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    LED lamps optimized for indoor cannabis cultivation, with a full spectrum for the growing and flowering phases. Ready to connect, they are designed so that fans are not needed to dissipate heat. Minimal maintenance (each lamp can run for up to 5 years without requiring replacement). TGL 60 (8000 lm): for areas of 50x50 cm. TGL 100 (15000 lm): for areas of 60x60 cm.

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  • Product description

  • - Mixed spectrum suitable for growth and flowering

    - Plug and Play, without installation, connect and cultivate

    - 5 years of performance before replacing the lamp

    - Passive heat dissipation, noiseless and maintenance-free


    Todogrowled is a company founded in 2013 that works with the latest technological innovations in the area of lighting and has set itself the goal of maximizing crop production by using the minimum possible electricity consumption. Although they are specially designed for cannabis cultivation, TGL STAR LEDs can be used to grow all kinds of plants indoors, and their low thermal emission allows them to be used all year round in any climatic zone.

    Todogrowled´s innovative technology allows us to obtain a quantity of lumens unthinkable until now with the minimum power consumption.

    TGL STAR 60: energy-saving equipment (55W of actual consumption) where an area of 60 x 60 cm can be covered during growth and 50 x 50 cm during flowering. The manufacturer sets an average production of up to 75 grams per lamp. This equipment is equipped with a HBG Mean Well driver, which allows dimming of the light output (only authorized personnel).

    TGL STAR 60/3590: enhanced version of STAR 60, includes a Cree CXB3590 LED/COB and a heatsink like the STAR 100 model, allowing it to operate at a lower temperature.

    TGL STAR 100: ideal luminaire for grow tents measuring 60 x 60 cm, covering vegetative growth areas up to 80 x 80 cm. Equipped with the CXB3590 LED, it considerably increases the power compared to the TGL STAR 60 model.

    TGL lamps have a mixed spectrum so that they are suitable for the entire growing cycle. The growth and flowering phases are covered without the need for lamp replacement.

    The lamp is cooled passively, so its life is longer and it works quieter. This design of the LED equipment reduces maintenance to a cleaning of the lamp per crop. With normal use, these lamps can perform for 5 years without losing productivity.

    The performance of these LEDs is quite generous compared to sodium, producing yields up to 1.4 grams per watt used.

    The distance of these lamps from plants should vary during cultivation and may change according to the varieties and conditions. This distances can be taken as reference: about 40 - 50 cm of the canopy in growing plants and about 14 - 30 cm in flowering.


    - Actual consumption: 55 W
    - 8000 lm
    - Growing area: 60 × 60 cm
    - Flowering area: 50 × 50 cm
    - Average production: 75 g
    - Optimum yield: 100 g
    - Dimensions: Ø13 x 16 cm
    - Weight: 2.1 kg
    - CREE LED CXB3070 3500 K, BB BIN
    - adjustable Driver Mean Well HBG


    - Actual consumption: 52 W
    - Growing area: 60 × 60 cm
    - Flowering area: 50 × 50 cm
    - Average production: 80 g
    - Optimum yield: 105 g
    - Dimensions: Ø15 x 18 cm
    - Weight: 2.5 kg
    - LED CREE CXB3070 3500 K, CD BIN
    - adjustable Driver Mean Well HBG


    - Actual consumption: 105 W
    - 15000 lm
    - Growing area: 80 x 80 cm
    - Flowering area: 70 × 70 cm
    - Average production: 130 g
    - Optimum yield: 150 g
    - Dimensions: Ø15 x 18 cm
    - Weight: 3,2kg
    - CREE LED CXB3590 3500 K BB BIN

    • Customer reviews (13)

      Rating 5/5 based on 1 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2020/01/30
      • No entiendo porque hay quiseres no creen ser este led bueno.Vega y flora super bien para 2 o 3 plantas...y por este preciso y consumo elétrico...joder...me encanta.solo me gustaria saber si se puede regular el driver meanwell y quienes lo pueden hacer.

      • Anonymous 2020/01/09
      • Estou usando um tgl 60, consome pouco em todo o cultivo.A minha tenda é de 40 x 40 x 120 e não se pode pedir mais por 100€, penso eu de que...muy contento.

      • luis 2019/12/17
      • Super good, plantas crescem bem, muito contente!

      • Anonymous 2019/11/25
      • Comecei a utilizar a pouco tempo mas estou super satisfeito com os resultados, uso 5 tgl 55 num espaço de 60x120 e estou a adorar ..

      • blueponey 2019/06/24
      • Aconselho para vegetativo mas floração com o mesmo é impossível se já estou com carencias de luminosidade , dificuldade crescimento ... nem imagino flora.

      • jon 2019/06/15
      • sao bons sim senhor !
        e altamente bem desenhados para um gajo partir la os cornos !!!

      • jon 2019/06/15
      • sao bons sim senhor !
        e altamente bem desenhados para um gajo partir la os cornos !!!

      • Anonymous 2018/04/12
      • Yo tengo el TGL STAR 60 (55w) en un armario 60x60x160 y lo recomiendo muy contento con este producto

      • Javi 2018/01/15
      • Que tal van para un espacio de 30x30x 60(alto) para mamis?? Un saludo

        1 replies

        • Anonymous 2018/01/23
        • Hola, el modelo pequeño de 55w es perfecto para espacios hasta 60x60, tiene una luz perfecta para mantener madres, esquejes, e incluso para hacer cultivos completos.

      • Anonymous 2017/12/21
      • Buenas para un armario 60x60x140 con uno solo vale o hay que poner dos TGL STAR 60

        1 replies

        • Anonymous 2018/01/23
        • Hola, para ese espacio es mas que suficiente, puedes cultivar entre 4-6 plantas perfectamente o mantener una madres....

      • Anonymous 2017/12/06
      • Alguém já usou este equipamento?
        Os rendimentos são reais?
        Para uma pequena área de 80cm x 160cm que lâmpadas aconselham e que quantidade? (Consumo próprio)
        Saudações académicas

      • Anonymous 2017/10/20
      • Would like to review this lamp ,i have four youngsters ready to go you supply the lights i will buy the tent ,,what do you reckon ,,,,

        1 replies

        • THGrow 2017/10/24
        • ESP- Hola, para trabajar con equipos TGL60 el fabricante recomienda poner 4 aparatos por metro cuadrado. Cada aparato del modelo TGL60 tiene una superficie de trabajo de 60x60 centimetros en crecimiento y de 50x50 centimetros en floración.

          Con los equipos TGL100 la recomendación del fabricante es trabajar con 4 aparatos cada 1,30x1,30 metros. El area de trabajo de cada aparato del modelo TGL100 es de 80x80 centimetros en crecimiento y 70x70 centimetros en floración.



          ENG- Hello, to work with TGL60 equipment the manufacturer recommends 4 devices per square meter. Each TGL60 device has a working surface of 60x60 centimetres in growth and 50x50 centimetres in flowering.

          With the TGL100 the manufacturer's recommendation is to work with 4 devices every 1.30x1.30 meters. The working area of each TGL100 model is 80x80 centimetres in growth and 70x70 centimetres in flowering.
      • Anonymous 2017/10/14
      • Los cob estos van de lujo garantizado ;)

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