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Life CBD

Life CBD is a high quality cannabis producer that provides a range of pure and safe, metal and pesticide free products. The crops are grown hydroponically in controlled facilities under strict quality measures.

  • Aceite de CBD Life 10 ml - Life CBD

    Aceite de CBD procedente de plantas cultivadas en hidropónico, libres de pesticidas o metales pesados. Ayuda a calmar áreas irritadas y rojizas, reduciendo brotes alérgicos. Los cultivos con los que se elabora el aceite se realizan en instalaciones de interior y bajo estrictos controles de calidad. Contenido: 10 ml.

    • 43,00

  • Life High CBD Cannabis 2 Grams - Life CBD

    Premium selection of the best quality compact buds with an incredible amount of resin and pure flavors. The plants have been grown using hydroponic techniques without pesticides and free of heavy metals. These buds are legal in Europe as they have a less than 0.2% THC. Content: 2 grams.

    • 25,00

  • Life Isolate 99.6% CBD 1 Gram - Life CBD

    Pure CBD extract to be dissolved in oil bases. It has 99.6% CBD content and 0% THC, so it only provides therapeutic and non-psychoactive effects. With such a high percentage its effect is more durable and acts faster. The plants used to make the extract have been grown in hydroponics, without pesticides or heavy metals. Content: 1 gram.

    • 38,00

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