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    Biobizz organic fertilizer pack is designed for small outdoor crops. The pack is made up of 250 ml of Bio Bloom, 250 ml of Fish Mix and 250 ml of Top Max. Outdoor Pack is a complete product that provides basic nutrition for the cultivation of 1 to 4 plants.

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  • If the climate of your region allows it and you choose to grow outdoors but don't know how to get started, let Biobizz® make it easy for you. Try Outdoor-Pack, one of four members of our recently launched Biobizz® Try-Pack family of starter packs.

    Grow like a professional with a complete, high-quality package that has been designed to be easy to handle, easy to use, easy to combine and easy to pay for. Use with any other Biobizz® or Try-Pack product to maximize harvesting and minimize costs.

    The Outdoor Pack contains Bio Bloom™, Fish Mix™ and Top Max™. A combination that allows the outdoor grower to gain experience with the Biobizz® range of organic fertilizers providing basic nutrition for 1-4 plants.

    The Biobizz® Fish Mix™ component of the package strengthens all the natural minerals and (micro-)organisms and stimulates the production of useful bacteria. The high levels of protein also help to create an outdoor substrate rich in organic matter. But remember, don't try to use it at home or you'll have to leave the windows open for a week!

    Let the organic growing experience begin with Biobizz® Try-Pack™!

    The Biobizz® Outdoor Pack contains:

    - Bio Bloom™ - 250 ml: liquid fertilizer to use from the beginning of the flower or fruit production until shortly before harvesting. It is full of natural minerals, micro-nutrients, amino acids, and plant hormones to ensure good flowering.

    - Fish Mix™ - 250 ml: Fish-Mix has always been a close friend of the organic grower because it conditions the soil, stimulate macrobiotic activity and accelerate growth.

    - Top Max™ - 250 ml: 100% organic flowering enhancer, which stimulates cell division during flowering and increases the production of sugar transport in the flower by achieving larger buds and flowers with intense flavors, oils, and aroma.

    • Customer reviews (2)

      Rating 3.9/5 based on 7 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2020/03/09
      • Como uso esses fertilizantes

        1 replies

        • THGrow 2021/09/09
        • Olá, recomendamos seguir as recomendações do fabricante, que pode ler na etiqueta pendente de cada produto, uma saudação

          Hola, recomendamos seguir las recomendaciones del fabricante, que podras leer en la etiqueta desplegable de cada producto, un saludo
      • Anonymous 2017/08/07
      • Hola,me gustaria antes de comprar el producto si esto es lo q sse suele llamar \"triple formula\" y como he de diluirlo en el agua las cantidades tanto en crecimiento como en floracion y cada cuantos litros
        Muchisimas gracias un saludo

        1 replies

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