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G-Spot Solid Tank Joint Beakerbong Ice Bong - 550 mm

Buy G-Spot G-Spot Solid Tank Joint Beakerbong Ice Bong - 550 mm in THGrow.com

    • Manufacturer: G-Spot
    • Rating 3.7/5 based on 3 vote(s)

    3 pieces bong (body, coupling rod with diffuser and cup) with valve. It is very resistant thanks to the glass thickness (5 mm) and the ultra-reinforced gasket included. Manufactured with the best borosilicate (DIN 3.3 ISO3585), they have a first-class finish: these are individualized designs by experienced glass artists. Wide base for greater stability.

    • 229,00

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Prepared for optional use with ice. G-Spot logo in flame-polished relief.

G-Spot Solid Tank Joint: The perfect solution for glass bongs weak point. The Solid Tank Joint is virtually unbreakable as you can see in the video. Each G-Spot bong is an unique creation and the base or the bubble height and diameter may vary slightly. The glass is tempered in an oven at 560°C so as to increase its strength (4 or 5 times the resistance of a normal glass).


Height: 550 mm
Coupling rod diameter (outer): 50 mm
Glass thickness: 5 mm
Base diameter: 130 mm
Joint: ns 18.8

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