• LED Platinum 680W Electronic + Balastro

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    Platinum King Led offers you a system with the latest LED technology and the ability to connect to any 600 W electronic ballast with a highly optimised performance.

    Platinum King Led is a flexible equipment as it does not have the ballast or the integrated driver, so you can mount it on the side or on the wall, with the electronic ballast even at a distance of up to 10 meters, so that the heat given off by the ballast does not pass into the growing environment, it can be controlled without accessing the room. Two pulleys are included.

    For all types of growers, the Platinum King Led has been designed to change the room from HPS to LED without having to make many changes to the room regardless of their level or experience to allow them to optimise their grow space and achieve maximum crop yields and the highest quality of their crops.

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    Maximum power output: 680W with Dutch Masters Electronic Ballast
    Foldable Panel
    6 Led Bars
    1980 Leds in 6 bars
    PPF light output: 1904 µmol/s
    Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J
    Input voltage 220-240V
    Passive thermal management
    Dimmable power in electronic ballast
    Different rack mounting options
    Sanan chip
    Full Spectrum

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