• Maceta redonda blanca de tela Dutch Masters

    Dutch Masters Hydroponics

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    Biodegradable pot made from 100% recycled materials.

    Dutch Masters fabric pots with handles are great for any type of plant, they are light and flexible, making them easy to transport and ship with little space and much less weight than plastic pots.

    The material used in their manufacture is breathable, allowing the roots to get extra oxygen. This oxygen supply stimulates the formation of new roots and secondary roots throughout the pot. The cycle of "pruning" and "growing" of new roots continues, creating an abundance of healthy roots in the growing medium.

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    With the use of fabric pots, plants grow healthier and stronger.
    Absence of spiralisation
    They require less substrate
    Super robust
    Promotes the biological activity of the soil
    Faster growth
    Less transplanting required

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