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    Pollinator. La máquina original, inventada en el invierno de 1992 y comercializada en noviembre de 1994. CAPACIDAD de proceso: P150 hasta 150 gramos, P500 hasta 500 gramos.

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    Before using the Pollinator machine we highly recommend that you put your leaf material in an air tight bag which is then put in the freezer for two hours. This will harden your plant material, making the sieving process considerably more efficient.

    Now that leaf material is ready to be pollinated you can open the lid of the Pollinator and then lift the drum out. Lift the drum out by the side with the motor first and then lift the other side of the drum.

    pollinator 1

    Now you have removed the drum you can open it to insert your leaf material. The lid of the drum is magnetically attached so you may need to firmly pull it off. Make sure that your plant material consists of only small leaves and flowers and not any stalks which may damage the screen of the drum. Close the lid of the drum and then put the drum back in the Pollinator.


    You can now turn on your Pollinator for the first turning period. We recommend that a first session of between 2-5 minutes in order to collect the purest quality of fallen resin glands. Using a kitchen timer is advised so as to keep track of the turning sessions.

    pollinator 3

    Now all you have to collect your crystals and enjoy a great smoke!

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