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    (Florida OG x Pre'98 Bubba Kush) x Orange Punch #66, 65% Indica. Collaboration between Silent Seeds and French rapper Booba with the aim of achieving a premium strain with extra strength. Pest and disease resistant, it adapts well to different ways of cultivation. Flowering indoor: 58 - 65 days; outdoor harvest: mid October. Indoor - outdoor.

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  • Product description

  • B-45 by Booba is a collaborative development between the Silent Seeds seed bank and the French rapper Élie Yaffa (Booba). It was Booba himself, aka Duc de Boulogne, who contacted the Silent Seeds team directly to develop a strain "in his likeness". Alexandre Lacarré himself, managing director of the Phytocann group of which the seed bank is a part, was in charge of coordinating the whole project. It should also be noted that Silent Seeds includes several members of the former Dinafem bank, who have more than 20 years of experience behind them.

    Previously, Duc had already collaborated with clothing, perfume, whisky and web radio brands. As a next step, he wanted to add to this trajectory a high-level and very potent premium weed. Meeting the rapper's expectations, Silents Seeds introduces this hybrid which, in addition to its visible quality, has proven up to 32% THC in the lab. It is no coincidence that it is named after the first jet bomber to enter service with the US Air Force in the 1950s. It is also the company that released Booba's first album in 2002.

    B-45 is a rather slender, very robust Indica dominant with unparalleled vigour. The plants develop with a structure that optimises yield potential, with a medium-low internode spacing and quite wide and long, deep green leaves, with the typical Indica shape. At flowering, large compact flowers form along the entire length of the plant. It is a reliable choice for commercial cultivation.

    Production can be optimised with techniques such as SoG, SCRoG, FIM, supercropping or lollypopping. In indoor crops it is not advisable to give the plants more than 3 weeks of vegetative growth so that their height does not become a problem as flowering progresses. Otherwise, it is a disease and pest resistant strain, so it is very versatile to be grown anywhere in the world.

    The terpene profile of B-45 shows fruity, creamy, silky, earthy and floral nuances in a delicate blend. Valencian orange and lemon caviar flavours can be appreciated, accompanied by notes of freshly baked pastries. As for its effect, the conditions Booba set were clear: it had to be a very potent weed. After consumption, a powerful and long-lasting physical and mental trip begins.

    Type: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

    Genetics: (Florida OG x Pre'98 Bubba Kush) x Orange Punch #66

    Cultivation: Indoor and outdoor

    Yield indoor: 575 - 600 gr / m²

    Yield outdoors: 1400 - 1600 grams per plant

    Flowering indoor: 58 - 65 days

    Harvest outdoor: mid October

    Flavour: sweet and fruity

    THC: 30 - 32%.

    CBD: 0.02%.
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