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    Sebsi pipes are the most commonly used pipes in Maghreb countries (especially Morocco) for smoking kif (a mixture of cannabis with "taba", a wild tobacco species). Its construction in all-natural materials and its long-distance design allows a pleasant sensation when smoking small amounts of mixture. And as a gift: 2 clay bowls and 1 stone bowl.

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  • IMPORTANTE: la cazoleta no se debe encajar / desencajar de la pipa sebsi con movimientos circulares. La forma correcta es mediante presión directa, sin giros de muñeca.

    Sebsi pipes and bowls are handmade products and each piece is unique, so their size and diameter may vary. For smokers who like continuous smoking we recommend using these pipes with the stone bowl, as it better withstands high temperatures. They are easy to clean and store as they can be conveniently disassembled into pieces.

    Sometimes it happens that the bowls do not fit in the pipe. In these cases it will be necessary to make small modifications, always on the pipe. If the bowl size is too large and does not fit properly, a piece of paper should be placed around the tip of the pipe so that it fits and the bowl does not fall off. If, instead, the bowl does not fit properly, scrape the tip of the pipe with an abrasive file or pencil sharpener until it fits properly.

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    • Customer reviews (2)

      Rating 4.6/5 based on 9 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2020/02/23
      • enviam para portugal ou existe algum valor minimo para o transporte? obrigado.

        1 replies

        • THGrow 2021/09/10
        • Olá, nós enviamos para Portugal e não existe um valor mínimo de encomenda.
          Com os melhores cumprimentos

          Hola, si enviamos a portugal y no hay valor minimo de compra.
          Un saludo
      • Zurk 2016/10/22
      • Fumar com isto é um espetaculo :)

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