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    ATTENTION: This product contains only the PAX 3 vaporizer unit, the charger cable, a minimum maintenance kit and a set of two nozzles. A complete PAX 3 Vaporizer Kit is also available. New version of the portable conduction vaporizer PAX, suitable to be used with chopped herbs or semi-solid extracts. It provides a strong and pure steam in 22 seconds.

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  • - Intelligent temperature control: Unlike other vaporizers that operate at a fixed temperature, PAX 3 has motion sensors that cool or heat the chamber according to the way it is vaporized. The vaporizer has a lips and inhalation sensor that cools the device if it does not detect its use, thus keeping herbs or concentrates viable longer.

    - Very fast: it reaches the temperature to start vaporizing and is ready to use in about 20 seconds.

    PAX 3 is a vaporizer that stands out for its technical characteristics. It is the result of a compendium of innovations applied to vaporization that allow a simple and completely customizable use. It comes in high-gloss anodized aluminium with a very pleasant touch and attractive appearance. Fingerprints and dirt are easily cleaned with a simple cloth.

    The surgical grade stainless steel air duct is independent of the entire vaporizer mechanism. The taste remains clean and pure, without strange interferences. All plastic vaporizer elements are resistant to high temperatures and suitable for the food industry. The heater is a thin, non-ceramic film welded to the stainless steel chamber by laser and separated from the air duct. The bowl has an approximate capacity of 0.35 grams of chopped flowers, 0.17 grams with the medium load accessory.

    The lips detector is something completely new that provides the vaporizer with an intelligent temperature control system. At the moment of vaporization, the temperature increases slightly so that the inhalation becomes constant, and once finished, it goes down again to the set mode. If the lips remain undetected for some time, PAX 3 decreases the temperature to preserve the bowl material. After 30 seconds without motion or lipS detection, the vaporizer enters in standby mode at a temperature of 147°C. Through the APP it is possible to customize this function and its temperatures.

    Battery charging is done in 90 minutes using a power adapter or in about two and a half hours using the USB cable included with the vaporizer. Once fully charged, the battery lasts about 8 - 10 vaporization sessions. The temperature selection is done manually by 4 predefined modes (182, 193, 205 and 215°C) or by the vaporizer APP, in intervals of 1 to 5 degrees.

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    Another new addition to PAX 3 is the presence of 3 games: PAXrun, PAXsays and PAXspin. These are simple games with the steamer's pixels consisting of reflex and memory tests or simply a way to decide who is next to enjoy the next puff.

    The PAX 3 vaporizer includes:
    1 vaporizer unit
    1 maintenance kit
    1 charging cable
    2 nozzles

    Battery: 3500 mAh Ion - lithium battery
    Warranty: 10 years at the manufacturer

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