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    Critical x Purple OG, a hybrid very similar to Critical but which acquires dark purple coloration during flowering, regardless of the temperatures during cultivation. Easy to grow and resistant to pests, it has a sweet and complex aroma with coffee and earthy notes. Flowering indoor: 55 days; harvest outdoor: 1 to 10 October. Indoor - outdoor.

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  • Product description

  • Hybrid that stands out for its excellent production and a great sweet taste with a complex aroma, with coffee and earthy notes. It comes from the crossing of two of the most precious clones of the Advanced Seeds gene pool: Critical and Purple OG. The structure of this plant is very similar to the Critical one, with a very vigorous growth that gives way to a fast and productive flowering, but it differs in the coloring that the parental Purple OG provides. Most of the specimens take on purple colours, in some cases so dark that they can be confused with black, without the need for low temperatures. This makes it a safe bet for growers who like to have a colorful garden.

    Critical Purple Kush is quick and easy to grow and has a natural resistance to pests.

    Genetics: Critical x Purple OG

    THC: 18 %.

    Production indoor: 550 - 600 gr / m²

    Flowering indoor: 55 days

    Inside height: 75 - 100 cm

    Harvest outdoor: October 1 - 10

    Height outside: 2.00 - 2.50 meters

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