• Morning Star Japanese incense - 50 sticks

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    50 pure incense sticks from Nippon Kodo's Morning Star range. They do not have a bamboo core and therefore, the combustion is clean and hardly generates smoke. Approximate burning time: 25 minutes. Includes incense holder.

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  • Morning Star was born in the 1960s, at the apogee of the hippie movement, when Nippon Kodo opened his office in Los Angeles. 

    Description of the different aromas of the range:

    - Amber: Warm and enveloping aroma. Suitable for burning in the afternoon, at sunset. Anti-stress and sedative, it generates good mood and reduces anxiety. Calm, rest, quiet and relax.

    - Cedarwood: Aroma that evokes the clarity and cleanliness of nature. American Indians burned it to dispel bad dreams and calm anxiety. Its vibration helps us to deepen spirituality, increases self-control and vitality. Concentration, reflection and effort.

    - Cinnamon: One of the oldest known spices that comes from the bark of a Ceylon tree. Rich and warm aroma that generates a vibrant and revitalizing atmosphere. Provides clairvoyance for divination, good luck, wisdom and wealth. Communication, energy, prosperity and decision.

    - Frankincense (church incense): Obtained from the Boswellia tree, this incense is one of the oldest perfumes used by man. Its sweet and warm fragrance comforts the soul. It is said to help repel negative energies and restore confidence. Related to purification and mental clarity.

    - Green Tea: Green tea is attributed with antioxidant properties. As an aroma, its delicate and subtle fragrance creates a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Suitable for intellectual work. Tranquility, balance and concentration.

    - Jasmine: Its aroma fights depression and brings optimism and good humor. It reduces distress and anxiety and strengthens self-confidence. It also awakens sensuality and serves as a stimulant that fills us with energy when we are tired. On the esoteric plane, it attracts good luck. Confidence, renewal, vitality and optimism.

    - Lavender: Its aroma mentally transports us to a field of lavender where a gentle breeze takes away our problems leaving a smile on our face. Used before bedtime, it dissipates the tensions of the day and induces a sweet sleep. Its fragrance balances and unifies. Rest and relaxation.

    - Lotus: For Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes enlightenment because it is born from the mud and flowers clean, fragrant and majestic above water. In China it is related to marriage and love.

    - Musk: Formerly this essence was obtained from the segregation of a musk deer gland. Nowadays, the life of this animal is respected and it is obtained from several plants. It is a warm aroma that brings courage and confidence and opens the enjoyment of sensual pleasures. Effective to ward off anxiety and melancholy. Its main magical quality is to break curses and spells. Concentration and inspiration.

    - Myrrh: Its sweet and spicy notes make myrrh a welcoming fragrance. It has been used since ancient times to relieve pain and tension and to alleviate sadness. Serenity and purification.

    - Patchouli: In the morning it provides energy to face the day. At the evening it becomes an aphrodisiac because it sharpens the senses. It increases creativity and is used in rituals to attract the couple. Concentration, inspiration and recollection.

    - Pine: Ideal for purification because its fragrance provides a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It is energizing and stimulates our physical activity. It is used in healing rituals. Well-being, freshness and purification.

    - Rose: The rose is the queen of perfume. Its aroma produces a feeling of peace and calms tensions. Burning it ensures a warm and cordial meeting between friends or family. It also purifies our thoughts and transforms them into love. Ideal for loving rituals. Communication, comfort, warmth and harmony.

    - Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a sacred tree. Its perfume has the virtue of relaxing the body and calming the mind. Induces spirituality and recollection. Any occasion is good for using it (meditation, consecration, protection...) It also helps the inner development and to keep away obsessive thoughts. Consciousness, introspection and serenity.

    - Vanilla (vanilla): This climbing orchid originally from Mexico has aphrodisiac properties as it revitalizes the body and stimulates mental processes. Helps you sleep and rest better, stimulates the senses and activates the brain. Antidepressant, stimulant and tranquilizer.

    The beautiful tradition of burning fragrances dates back to the earliest history of mankind. Our word perfume comes from the Latin per fumum (aroma that spreads through smoke). In Japan, the practice of burning incense began when Buddhism arrived in the 6th century. Later on, an elaborate and subtle culture emerged and passed from the temples to the imperial court and nobility, becoming one of the great Japanese traditions. Today incense is used throughout the world as part of a universal culture of harmony and well-being.


    Learn more on our blog (Spanish):

    The Culture of Incense

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    • Customer reviews (2)

      Rating 3.5/5 based on 4 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2018/04/27
      • Compré varios inciensos diferentes y fueron muy discretos en todo momento y seguros. Cada uno hace un efecto tal cual anuncia, y trae el inciensario dentro que hace se apague antes del final para no incendiar la superficie donde esté éste. Además muy buenos detalles la tienda, creo repetiré más siendo ecológicos y antialégicos.

      • Pachulayo 2017/06/28
      • Me encantan! El de canela y el de té verde tienen un aroma suave y duradero que es muy agradable! Y no cargan de humo la habitación!!!

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