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  • Goloka Ganesha Indian incense - 12 sticks

    Handcrafted incense from India made with a hand rolled mixture of herbs, flowers, honey, resins and natural oils on a bamboo stick. The bars weigh approximately 1 gram and burn slowly for 45 minutes. Ganesha is the god who removes obstacles, with this incense you can ask for protection and luck in new activities. Each kit contains 12 incense sticks (15 grams).

    • 1,33Before: 1,40

  • Morning Star Japanese incense - 50 sticks

    50 pure incense sticks from Nippon Kodo's Morning Star range. They do not have a bamboo core and therefore, the combustion is clean and hardly generates smoke. Approximate burning time: 25 minutes. Includes incense holder.

    • 3,71Before: 3,90

  • Nag Champa Indian incense - 12 sticks

    Classical Indian handcrafted incense made with a blend of herbs, extracts and floral oils, hand-rolled on a bamboo stick. The bars weigh approximately 1 gram and burn slowly for 45 minutes. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is a popular incense among musicians, students and yoga centres. Each kit contains 12 incense sticks (15 grams).

    • 1,09Before: 1,15

  • New Morningstar Japanese incense - 40 sticks

    40 sticks of pure incense that burn cleanly, with hardly any smoke. Burning time: about 25 minutes. Nippon Kodo is still researching and looking for new emotions. Each of the aromas in this collection has several ingredients wisely blended to evoke a season of the year, an element or a mood. Includes incense burner.

    • 5,51Before: 5,80

  • Quality Collection Japanese incense - 20 sticks

    20 sticks of pure incense from the traditional Nippon Kodo Quality collection. Clean combustion as it does not have a bamboo core, so it hardly generates smoke. Approximate combustion time: 25 minutes.

    • 2,57Before: 2,70

    • Not available

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