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BHO Extraction

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is the result of the process involving gas passing through a pipe full of marijuana. The low temperature of liquid butane crystallizes cannabis resins. While butane crosses the tube, the crystallized resin is trapped into the liquid gas. What remains is just the crystallized resin by quickly evaporating the gas. It is usual to pass the product through a vacuum chamber to give it a characteristic texture. This process should always be performed in ventilated locations and away from any electrical appliances or flame. The gas must be as pure as possible.

  • Atomic Gas 300 ml

    High purity and high quality gas, mixture of propane and butane (UN 1950). Perfect for oil extraction (BHO). It does not alter the taste in its use with gas vaporizers or cigars. Includes set of adapters suitable for all types of use.

    • 2,80Before: 2,95

  • Banger BHO Cuarzo - G-Spot

    Bowl with 18.8 mm male or female gasket ideal for BHO oil extracts. Made of quartz glass, easy to clean and high temperature resistant. Quartz allows a better taste of concentrates than titanium or ceramics. Glass thickness: 2 mm. Bowl dimensions: 20 x 25 mm

    • 18,91Before: 19,90

    • Not available

  • BHO Borosilicate Nail

    Borosilicate nail for pipes, bubblers or bongs, prepared to burn BHO extracts. Length: 45 mm, for 12 or 14 mm joints

    • 6,46Before: 6,80

  • BHO D-Lux Bong 6

    Borosilicate Bong made for BHO extracts (butane hash oil) consumption. It combines a wide submerged diffuser with water filtration and allows for particularly clean, cold and hydrated puffs. Joint of 18.8 mm. Includes dome and borosilicate nail. Height: 205 mm. Base diameter: 85 mm.

    • 69,26Before: 72,90

  • BHO D-Lux Bong 7

    Practical desktop bong ready to use with BHO concentrates (butane hash oil). Made of high quality borosilicate. It combines water filtration with a submerged diffuser and produces cold, clean and hydrated puffs. 14.4 mm gasket. Includes dome and borosilicate nail. Height: 175 mm. Diameter: 90 mm.

    • 65,46Before: 68,90

  • BHO Domeless Titanium Nail 14 - 18 mm

    Adjustable titanium nail for bong rods with joint, both 14 mm and 18 mm. With the thread the height can be easily adjusted. The use of screens is not necessary, since it has 5 entrances to let the smoke of the extracts pass to the pipe or bong. Its design makes the use of domes unnecessary.

    • 31,26Before: 32,90

  • BHO Grade 2 Titanium Lid - G-Spot

    Universal lid made of grade 2 titanium for use with BHO type extracts. Extremely heat resistant, fits most domeless nails and bangers. The lid includes an unscrewable tool that can be used as a dabber or to clean the nail. Dimensions: ø25 x 110 mm.

    • 14,16Before: 14,90

    • Not available

  • BHO Titanium Nail for Pipes and Bongs

    Titanium nail for BHO (oils and resins) with counterweight and adjustable height thread. Crown-shaped bucket to prevent accidental spills with the dabber. Titanium stands out for its ability to maintain the temperature and for being free of possible toxic or impurities. For joints of 12 mm, 16 mm or adjustable from 12 to 14 mm.

    • 17,20Before: 18,10

  • Bio Hazard Glass BHO Bong

    Bio Hazar Glass is a company based in Los Angeles, California, that has made a name for itself by offering high quality designs made of durable borosilicate at an affordable price. These models feature a double percolator, dome and borosilicate nail.

    • 59,38Before: 62,50

  • Bong BHO G-Lock

    Bubbler style borosilicate bong for use with BHO type oils. Includes dome and a borosilicate nail. G-Lock bongs are handcrafted and cared for down to the last detail. Caracteristics of each bong in the detailed information.

    • 81,70Before: 86,00

  • Bong to BHO Pipe Converter Kit

    Straight link and dome to transform the bong into an oiler suitable for use with BHO extracts, made of borosilicate quality. Coupling diameter data (for 14.4 mm or 18.8 mm bongs).

    • 6,56Before: 6,90

  • Buddies Super Slick Ball

    Non-stick silicone container for storing all kinds of herbal extracts (BHO, oils or waxes). Non-toxic, flexible and very resistant, it allows to recover 100% of the stored material without leaving residues. Includes an elastic band to keep the ball closed and a watertight acrylic jar which does not let out liquids or odors to carry it. It can contain up to 15 g of extract. ø51 mm.

    • 13,21Before: 13,90

  • Clavo Electrónico BHO Vaporite V-nail - Vaporite

    Clavo electrónico para su uso con bongs, bubblers o pipas que cuenten con una junta estándar de 12 a 18 mm hembra o macho. Permite fumar extractos semi sólidos tipo BHO, DHO, rosin, etc con total comodidad y sin riesgos durante largas sesiones, manteniendo una temperatura constante y regulable entre 230 y 430℃, aunque a máxima potencia es capaz de superarla pero no de forma constante.

    • 237,41Before: 249,90

  • Colibri Premium Butane Gas 400 ml

    Colibri Premium Butane has been processed at the best refineries and packaged in the cleanest possible environment, with less than 6 parts per million of impurities. The gas is so pure (99.9994% purity) that it does not alter the taste when used in vaporizers or cigars, being also ideal for gas oil extraction (BHO). Includes a set of adapters for all types of use.

    • 4,85Before: 5,10

  • Cookies Silicone Container

    Small non-stick container to store all types of semi-solid extracts such as BHO, rosin or any type of wax. It does not stick to any material and can be easily washed using soap and water. It is resistant and non-toxic, made of platinum cured silicone suitable for pharmaceutical use. Capacity: 4.5 ml. Dimensions: ø35 x 29 mm.

    • 3,04Before: 3,20

    • Not available

  • D-Lux BHO Bong 5

    Borosilicate bong for BHO extractions (butane hash oil). It combines water filtration with a wide submerged diffuser and allows for particularly cold, clean and hydrated puffs. 18.8 mm gasket, including borosilicate dome and nail. Height: 280 mm. Base diameter: 145 mm.

    • 80,66Before: 84,90

  • D-Lux Silicone Jar

    Silicone container ideal for preserving all types of oily textures. The material with which it is manufactured prevents the adherence of oils, waxes or concentrates, so that none of the extracts stored in it are wasted. Dimensions: ø39 x 21 mm. Useful volume: 7 ml. Assorted colors.

    • 3,61Before: 3,80

  • Dabber de Acero Inoxidable G

    Dabber grande de acero inoxidable, fácil de limpiar gracias a sus propiedades anti pegajosas y resistente a la corrosión. Doble punta, con una terminación en forma de pequeña pala y otra en forma de punta. Con este dabber no hay problema en recoger cualquier concentrado ya sea pegajoso, seco o líquido. Para un mejor agarre dispone de dos zonas rugosas. Longitud: 123 mm.

    • 4,66Before: 4,90

  • Dabit Card

    Grinder - Card with 4 double-pointed tools that cover all the smokers' needs: for the extracts manipulation, for the pipes and bongs maintenance or for the cigarette pressing. Both the card and the tools are made of very resistant surgical grade stainless steel. It includes a silicone anti adherent case for its transportation.

    • 22,71Before: 23,90

    • Not available

  • Desiccator Connection Set - Vacuum Pump

    Connection set between desiccator and the pressure hose that is connected to the vacuum pump. Required to connect the Rothenberger pressure hose to Kartell vacuum desiccators.

    • 23,66Before: 24,90

  • Dexso D.M.E. Gas 500 ml - DEXSO

    Dimethyl ether (D.M.E.) is a new solvent for BHO (when using this gas, it becomes called DHO), less explosive and dangerous than butane gas. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendly, Dexso offers DME with 99.99% purity.

    Dexso must not be used with plastic extractors or those containing plastic parts that come into contact with gas.

    • 12,30Before: 12,95

  • Dexso E.O.E. Extractor - DEXSO

    Oil extractor for use with dimethyl ether (Dexso D. M. E.). The body is made of aeronautical aluminium with an anodized AI203 glass cover, which gives it a hardness similar to sapphire or ruby. Very easy to use and maintain. The magnetic tripod makes assembly as simple as possible.  El tubo de extracción tiene 3 cm de diámetro interior, para unos 40 (Standard) o 80 gramos (Professional).

    • 151,91Before: 159,90

  • Dexso E.O.E. Standard Extractor: Replacement Filter - DEXSO

    1 Unit. Original replacement filter for the Dexso E.O.E. Standard extractor. 50 micron V4A steel mesh. Diameter: 23 mm.


    • 5,23Before: 5,50

  • Diffuser Bong and PyM Percolator Convertible into BHO

    Bong made with diffuser, percolator and ready to be used with ice. Includes a herbal bowl and a set of borosilicate cloves and dome, so it fits any need. The herbal bowl design makes the use of grids unnecessary. Height: 295 mm; base diameter: 93 mm.

    • 45,60Before: 48,00

  • Dome for BHO Bong

    Borosilicate dome for bubblers, pipes or bongs prepared for the use of BHO extracts. Choose the joint diameter that suits better for you: 12 mm, 14 mm or 18 mm.

    • 5,23Before: 5,50

  • E-Cig POD Bunch Vapers

    Cigarro electrónico tipo POD para e-líquidos con cuerpo de aluminio para resistencia extra y cabezal magnético para el tanque. Recomendado para la vaporización de extracciones tipo BHO / Rosin diluidas en compuestos como Wax Liquidizer al contar con una resistencia cerámica de alto ohmniaje. Cabezal intercambiable, pueden tenerse preparadas distintas mezclas. Dimensiones: 100 x 20 x 10.5 mm.

    • 28,03Before: 29,50

  • E-Cig POD Bunch Vapers: Recambio POD (3 u.)

    Recambios del tanque para el e-cig / POD cerámico Bunch Vapers. Para tener dos extracciones diferentes unicamente es necesario sacar un tanque y colocar el secundario. Permite recargar con seguridad las concentraciones ya que el tapón del tanque cuenta con un cierre de silicona que asegura una estanqueidad total. Capacidad del tanque: 1.0 ml. Resistencia cerámica: 1.4 Ω. Incluye: 3 tanques POD.

    • 16,63Before: 17,50

  • E-Liquid Packaging

    Canister to store customized e-liquids or other essences, ideal to use with the Wax Liquidizer or to mix with Harmony's CBD Pure Base. With metal needle tip for refilling without staining and without wasting e-liquid.

    • 1,09Before: 1,15

  • E-NAIL Titanium Nail 14.4-18.8 - G-Spot

    Grade 2 titanium nail without dome, for oily extracts such as resins, waxes, BHO,... It can be heated electrically with a heating coil or manually with a gas flame. Thanks to the material used, the temperature is evenly distributed over the nail. Fits standard 14.4 and 18.8 mm male and female joints. Dimensions: ø22 x 68 mm.

    • 33,16Before: 34,90

    • Not available

  • Envase BHO Porkeball

    Envase antiadherente de silicona, perfecto para almacenar extracciones semisólidas tipo BHO. El material con el que está confeccionado el contenedor permite obtener el 100% de cualquier sustancia pegajosa sin que nada quede pegado en las paredes. Resistente a roturas, atóxico, apto para congelador, microondas o lavavajillas. Diámetro: 39 mm.

    • 3,66Before: 3,85

    • Not available

  • Envelopes for BHO/Waxes Raw Parchment Pouch (20 envelopes) - Raw

    20 special non-stick envelopes with an inner silicone layer. Perfect for Rosin or for handling BHO waxes and extracts without spoiling them and without losses. Does not contain Quilon or bleaching agents. As it is not refined, contamination by chemicals or toxins that may be present in ordinary baking paper is avoided. It is not suitable for consumption. Envelope size when folded: 80 x 80 mm.

    • 8,12Before: 8,55

  • Extracciones Cannábicas / Cannabis Extractions, J. Ruano y J. de Sostoa

    Extracciones cannábicas / Cannabis extractions, Ed. Cáñamo Ediciones y Medical Seeds. Autores: Javier Ruano y Jack de Sostoa. Edición bilingüe en español e inglés. En este libro se detallan los procesos de extracción de los componentes activos de la marihuana. Incluye Fotografías detalladas de cada proceso y explicadas paso a paso.

    • 24,50

    • Not available

  • Farm To Vape Thinner 60 ml

    Diluyente que permite convertir con facilidad extractos tipo BHO o rosin en e-líquidos para cigarrillos electrónicos. Mezcla patentada de PEG 300 y 400 desarrollada para coincidir con el peso molecular de este tipo de extractos y obtener mezclas homogéneas. Su uso es sencillo, basta con mezclar 1 parte de concentrado para 2 - 3 partes de diluyente y hervir durante 3 minutos. Contenido: 60 ml.

    • 40,76Before: 42,90

  • G-Lock Dabber

    High quality and long lasting Dabber to collect BHO extractions (oils and waxes), break plates or put a little on a titanium or borosilicate nail. Made in stainless steel with ergonomic design. Length bifid model: 120 mm / Double tip model: 99 mm / Spatula model: 179 mm.

    • 14,16Before: 14,90

  • Honey Bee Extractor

    Pure oil extraction system (BHO) using butane gas (used for refilling lighters) which acts as a THC solvent. Inside it there is a special filter installed so that you can remove the best oil from your plants. Includes instructions for use (English) and 3 filters. PVC-free materials. 45ø x 140 mm.

    • 23,66Before: 24,90

  • Honey Bee Replacement Filters

    40 spare filters for Honey Bee BHO extractor. Diameter: 41 mm.

    • 5,51Before: 5,80

    • Not available

  • Kartell Vacuum Desiccator

    Implosion proof desiccator. It supports vacuum up to -740 mm / Hg with losses that do not exceed 20 mm / Hg in 24 hours. The transparent polycarbonate cover is attached to the polypropylene base by a neoprene O-ring inserted into its groove. It has a polycarbonate wrench with polyethylene male that allows to empty and make a controlled air intake when breaking the vacuum.

    • 113,53Before: 119,50

  • NoGoo Big Tray - NoGoo

    Non-stick silicone tray to handle BHO extractions (waxes and oils). The material with which it is made allows to obtain 100% of any sticky substance without nothing being stuck in it. Non-toxic, resistant to breakage, and suitable for freezer, dishwasher or microwave. Dimensions: 248 x 225 x 40 mm (usable: 200 x 200 x 30 mm).

    • 22,04Before: 23,20

    • Not available

  • NoGoo Mini Tray - NoGoo

    Mini non-stick silicone tray to handle BHO extractions (waxes and oils). The material with which the tray is made allows to obtain 100% of any sticky substance without nothing being stuck in it. Resistant to breakage, non-toxic and suitable for freezer, microwave or dishwasher. Dimensions: 75 x 58 mm.

    • 12,35Before: 13,00

    • Not available

  • Nogoo Plate - NoGoo

    Non-stick plate resistant to cracking and made of non-toxic silicone, it allows to collect 100% of any substance without anything being stuck. Suitable for use with microwave, dishwasher or freezer. Diameter: 235 mm; height: 40 mm.

    • 23,28Before: 24,50

    • Not available

  • NoGoo Silicone Jar - NoGoo

    Non-stick container with screwed silicone cover, assorted colors. The material with which the container is made allows to obtain 100% of any sticky substance without nothing being stuck on the walls. Resistant to breakage, not toxic, suitable for freezer, microwave or dishwasher. Capacity: 7 ml Dimensions: 37 x 20 mm.

    • 5,23Before: 5,50

    • Not available

  • NoGoo Vape Scrape Dabber - NoGoo

    Double-point non-stick silicone dabber to handle BHO extractions (waxes and oils). Take advantage of all the material without leaving residues. Useful to avoid damaging the heating element in vaporizers or electronic cigarettes. It withstands temperatures up to 230 °C and is suitable for microwave, dishwasher or freezer. Length: 103 mm.

    • 10,59Before: 11,15

  • Papel BHO - Ceras Qnubu Extraction Paper

    Papel antiadherente específico para su uso con extracciones y con prensas Rosin. Es un papel grueso para resistir altas presiones, de grado alimentario, resistente al calor y doble siliconado. Formato: rollo de 5 metros con 30 cm de anchura, dispone de sistema de corte.

    • 4,51Before: 4,75

  • Premiere XH-2002 Heating Plate Heater

    Heating plate with electric base and temperature adjustable degree to degree. A Pyrex fountain is usually used to heat distilled water (bath water) over which the contents of Honey Bee or Roller Extractor are poured to make a first purge of the BHO extraction. Size: 26 x 20 x 8 cm (useful area 17.7 x 26 cm). Consumption: 100 W.

    • 180,50Before: 190,00

  • Prensa Manual Rosin 1 Tonelada

    Prensa manual de placas con sistema de calentamiento dual, pudiendo establecerse una determinada temperatura y tiempo individualmente en cada placa para un resultado perfecto. Rosin es una técnica de extracción de aceites que puede realizarse con flores secas o extractos como el hachís, no requiere empleo de gases o otros elementos peligrosos y, una vez obtenido, puede consumirse en el acto.

    • 426,55Before: 449,00

  • PyM Triple Diffuser BHO Bong

    Borosilicate bong with an excellent design to be used with BHO extracts. Includes dome and nail. Functional and ready to use. Height: 250 mm; base diameter: 70 mm. Available in 3 colours.

    • 29,88Before: 31,45

  • Queen Bee Extractor

    The large model of the original Honey Bee Extractor, 100% PVC free. Manufactured in Canada.

    • 34,68Before: 36,50

  • Raw Parchment BHO/Wax Paper - Raw

    Special non-stick paper with a double layer of silicone to make Rosin or to handle waxes and BHO extracts without spoilage or loss. Does not contain Quilon, nor bleach. As it is not refined, contamination by chemicals or toxins that may be present in ordinary baking paper is avoided. For handling extracts, oils and waxes. It is not suitable for consumption.

    • 7,08Before: 7,45

  • Roller Extractor BHO

    Roller Extractor BHO (Butane Honey Oil) is a system for the extraction of resins by butane gas, manufactured in stainless steel without impurities and adapted for the gas chargers of the market. The two screw caps are interchangeable, allowing extraction in both directions. Includes 6 filters for the extractor. GIFT: 3 paper tubes (70 mm, 1 1/4 and King Size) and carton filters.

    • 51,30Before: 54,00

  • Roller Extractor: Extension

    Extra coupling to extend the Roller Extractor by joining two gas resin extractors. Suitable for any combination between the different BHO Roller Extractors.

    • 19,48Before: 20,50

  • Roller Extractor: Replacement Filters

    40 replacement filters for the BHO Roller Extractor. Diameter: 30 mm.

    • 7,13Before: 7,50

    • Not available

  • Roller Extractor: Tripod

    Tripod compatible with all sizes of Roller Extractor, facilitates extraction by keeping the tube in place and avoids contact with it. It includes everything necessary for the assembly and a thread to tighten the connection with the extraction tube to the desired level. And as GIFT: 3 paper tubes (70 mm, 1 1/4 and King Size) and carton filters.

    • 44,18Before: 46,50

  • Rosin Bags 110 x 50 mm

    A 10 bags pack of 110 x 50 mm specially designed to be used in Rosin type extractions with thermal presses. Manufactured in high quality sewn nylon, these bags allow Rosin extractions without vegetable impurities from dried flowers or hashish. The less microns the bag has, the less extract we will obtain, but this will be of higher quality.

    • 9,31Before: 9,80

  • Rothenberger Roairvac Vacuum Pump

    Two-stroke compact vacuum pump with vacuum gauge and solenoid valve to evacuate air from closed reservoirs. It allows to carry out an extra purge in the BHO extractions that have previously been passed by a water bath in pyrex tray on an electric heating plate. Rothenberger pumps are manufactured in Spain with premium components. Includes 5/16 "and 3/8" connections.

    • 448,40Before: 472,00

  • Soplete Dunkees

    Soplete recargable, ajustable y con bloqueo de llama, decorado con obras originales del artista Dunkees. Su diseño es ligero y duradero, pudiendo usarse con una mano y funcionando en cualquier ángulo. Dispone de interruptor de seguridad para los niños. Soporte extraíble para manos libres. Dimensiones (sin soporte): 165 x 130 x 45 mm.

    • 42,56Before: 44,80

  • Stainless Steel Dabber

    Stainless steel dabber for handling waxes and oils from BHO extractions. Simple keychain with spatula model (60 mm total length) or spearhead and mini teaspoon model (105 mm total length).

    • 3,61Before: 3,80

  • Super Slick Ultra Mat

    Resistant Buddies mats made with the best quality silicone and specially designed to be used  with concentrates and herbal extracts. Even such a sticky material as BHO can be handled on the mat without wasting anything. It does not need to be scraped due to its non-stick surface and is perfect for drying extracts with water and ice.

    • 5,61Before: 5,90

  • Surgical Steel Dabber

    Comfortable tool for handling waxes and oils from gas extraction (BHO). Made of surgical steel and impurities free. Hook and spatula tips, ideal for picking up small samples or breaking plaques. Length: 150 mm.

    • 7,79Before: 8,20

    • Not available

  • The F-Bomb Titanium Dabber - Happy Daddy

    Fork-Bomb is a high quality dabber made of titanium for use with oils or essences. The two-tooth fork allows you to prick or grasp the oils and helps to remove debris during purging. Length: 170 mm.

    • 27,46Before: 28,90

  • Titanium Dabber Grade 2 - G-Spot

    Resistant dabber made of grade 2 titanium. Perfect for handling concentrates, lightweight and easy to handle. Double tip, at one end it has a shovel to handle solid or semi-solid extracts and at the other, a ball tip for more oily extracts. Dimensions: ø6 x 110 mm.

    • 10,36Before: 10,90

    • Not available

  • Transparent Polycarbonate Desiccator

    Professional desiccator for purging BHO oil extractions by means of a classic vacuum pump with a wide base that provides great stability. Manufactured in polycarbonate injection molded from Germany, shatterproof and lightweight, with pressure gauge and 5/16" output connection. Inner diameter: 25 cm. Outside diameter: 28 cm. Height: 33 cm.

    • 194,75Before: 205,00

    • Not available

  • Triple Pocket Torch Lighter/Burner - Fuzion

    Triple pocket gas butane lighter/burner. Ideal for shishas, hookkahs, BHO or cigars. The lighter includes a piece that can be used as a cigarette holder or as a cigar cutter. Dimensions: 78 x 40 x 18 mm.

    • 30,31Before: 31,90

  • Triple Star Dabb Lighter/Burner - Fuzion

    Triple burner torch for shishas, hookkahs, BHO or cigars. It can generate temperatures above 1000°C and operate continuously for more than 10 minutes. It works with butane gas. Ergonomic design, comfortable support, rechargeable, safety lock and adjustable flame. Dimensions: 155 x 100 x 60 mm.

    • 36,96Before: 38,90

    • Not available

  • True Glass BHO Mini Bubbler

    Micro bong for BHO / DHO extractions (butane hash oil, waxes or oils). Despite its small size, it combines water filtration with a diffuser in the case of model A (blue) or with a long circuit in model B (amber). Handblown by artisans, with a high quality finish. 14.4 mm gasket, includes dome and borosilicate nail. 

    • 21,76Before: 22,90

    • Not available

  • Unbleached Coffee Filters (100 Filters) - IF YOU CARE

    IF YOU CARE unbleached coffee filters for BHO extractions. The filters are 100% chlorine-free or bleach-free. All products of this brand clearly show a commitment to the environment and its sustainability, using recycled and biodegradable material and renewable sources. Filters size 4 (coffee machines with capacity for 8 - 12 cups). Content: 100 filters.

    • 5,18Before: 5,45

  • Vacuum Pressure Hose ¼

    Rothenberger pressure hose. Used to connect Kartell desiccators to the vacuum pump. The Teflon gasket extends its life up to 10 times longer than neoprene gaskets. Working pressure up to 870 psi (59.98 bar). The hose is supplied in three different colours but with identical characteristics. Length: 1,5 meters.

    • 18,91Before: 19,90

  • Wax Liquidizer

    Wax Liquidizer es una mezcla concentrada que permite convertir cualquier extracto puro sin materia vegetal en un e-líquido apto para cualquier tipo de cigarrillo electrónico. El proceso es tan sencillo como calentar 2 ml por cada gramo de concentrado durante 10 segundos en el microhondas y remover bien hasta obtener una mezcla homogénea. El e-líquido estará listo para su uso de inmediato.

    • 18,95Before: 19,95

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