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Stash containers

  • Ajax Stash Can

    Ajax canister for discreet storage. Outside dimensions: 7.3 cm in diameter, 14.5 cm in height. Inside dimensions: 5 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height.

    • 22,00

  • Aquafina Stash Bottle

    710 ml Aquafina bottle with hidden compartment in the middle part. The sufficient amount of water at the top and bottom of the bottle makes it completely inconspicuous. Approximate tank size 64 x 70 mm. Bottle size: 65 x 245 mm.

    • 24,90

  • Aquanet Hair Spray Stash Can

    Chicago police insist that no one spends more than 8 minutes looking for something to steal, and this hair spray can would be the last thing to notice. Maximum usable space. Size: 65 x 255 mm.

    • 20,90

  • Barbasol Shaving Cream Stash Can

    Shaving cream bottle with storage canister. Maximum usable space. External dimensions: 154 mm x ø68 mm. Inside usable space: 87 x ø63 mm.

    • 20,90

    • Not available

  • Battery stash

    Standard size battery with small container and screw closure.

    • 3,00

  • Big Stash Screw (80 mm)

    Nut, washer and screw with hole to store objects inside. 80 mm.

    • 17,50

  • Car Lighter Stash

    Car lighter with a small inside compartment.

    • 2,90

  • Desenex Spray Stash Can

    Stash version of the famous topical foot spray. Its design maximizes the usable space. Outside dimensions: 174 mm x ø54 mm. Inside usable space: 102 x ø50 mm.

    • 19,50

  • Diamond Marker Stash Marker Pen

    Functional marker with a graphite lead that allows you to discreetly hide and protect valuable objects while being a practical note-taking tool. The set includes a multi-purpose tool and 3 small glass jars with screw caps that fit perfectly inside the pen. The lead can be changed easily with the tool. Dimensions: ø18 x 150 mm.

    • 18,90

  • Doormaster Garage Remote Control Stash

    Garage door remote control stash. Includes a clip that allows you to hang it from the mirror. It is useful for storing small objects. The remote control is not functional and is completely empty inside. Dimensions: 85 x 50 x 20 mm.

    • 11,40

  • Engine Degreaser Stash

    Engine degreaser stash canister. Perfect for the house or the car. With screw lock on the base. Maximum usable space. Size: 65 x 240 mm.

    • 17,00

    • Not available

  • Fire extinguisher stash

    Heavy and sturdy fire extinguisher stash with a double storage system (the container itself from the base and the inner cartridge that can be completely disassembled). Height: 290 mm; total width 145 mm; base diameter: 75 mm.

    • 49,80

  • Hammer Stash

    31 cm nylon hammer. The perfect place to store things in plain sight. All the head space is usable.

    • 13,00

  • Limpet Magnet Stash Canister

    Aluminium canister perfect to hide small objects in the underside of a vehicle or any metal surface without risk of falling down thanks to its three extra strong magnets. Aluminium is thick and tough and the threaded closure keeps the inside splash and impact resistant. Dimensions: ø75 x 147 mm.

    • 71,90

  • Little Stash Screw (60 mm)

    Perfect to hide in the garage or with the car tools. The screw weight is identical to a real one, so it will remain completely unnoticed. 60 mm long; head diameter: 22 mm; screw diameter: 15 mm.

    • 3,50

  • Mini Spray Feet Stash

    Mini aerosol can. Overall dimensions: ø35 x 100 mm. Useful space: ø32 x 60 mm.

    • 9,50

  • Oil Treatment Stash

    Identical to the original "Concentrated Oil Treatment" product package to improve engine performance. Maximum usable space. Measurements: 160 x 68 mm.

    • 17,00

  • Old Milwaukee Stash Can

    Milwaukee can of beer stash. Safety cans are a good way to protect valuables. Simply turn the lid to access the compartment. 120 x 60 mm.

    • 17,00

  • Photo lens stash

    Multi-function photo lens: Can be used as a stash container or as a coffee cup thanks to its aluminium-coated inside. Its shape and structure make it a safe hiding place in curious hands. Measurements: 130 x 80 mm.

    • 24,90

  • Rave 4x Mega Stash Can

    Original hair spray stash can. Maximum usable space inside. Outside dimensions: 240 x ø65 mm. Useful inner space: 164 x ø64 mm.

    • 17,00

  • Scoth-Gard Camuflaje

    Protector de tejidos y tapizados de automóviles con máxima capacidad de carga. Dimensiones: 65 mm x 210 mm.

    • 18,00

    • Not available

  • Spray Camuflaje WD-40

    Reconstrucción perfecta del spray multiusos WD-40 con un falso peso para que pase completamente desapercibido aún sea en la mano, cierre a rosca. Tamaño completo: 170 x 76 mm; tamaño del compartimento oculto: 96 x 35 mm.

    • 32,00

    • Not available

  • Stash book

    Book with hidden compartment. Two options: single (single book) or double (two books glued with two times the space on the storage compartment). Models may vary depending on availability.
    Dimensions simple model: external 238 x 165 x 40 mm / compartment 170 x 95 x 28 mm.
    Dimensions double model: external 245 x 162 x 85 mm / compartment 170 x 95 x 65 mm. 

    • 30,00

  • Stash book with keys

    Ancient style stash book with a compartment inside that can be locked. The external closure is magnetic to prevent accidental opening and the sturdy cover of the compartment is made of steel. Total dimensions: 26.2 x 49 x 17 cm. Compartment dimensions: 22.9 x 14 x 3 cm. Includes set of two keys.

    • 30,00

    • Not available

  • Stash Candle

    Candle with 100% vegetable wax that includes a metallic inner compartment. 10.5 cm diameter, 14 cm height.

    • 36,50

  • Stash Cigarette

    Practical and discreet container disguised as a regular cigarette. Made of hard plastic and with screw lock. Maximum usable space.

    • 2,20

    • Not available

  • Stash Energy Drink

    Stash version of the famous energy drink with screw closure. Canister size: ø65 x 168 mm. Compartment size: ø30 x 85 mm.

    • 21,95

  • Stash key ring

    47 mm metal key ring with a small deposit that closes by threaded.

    • 4,00

  • Stash Multiple Screwdriver

    It looks like a completely normal screwdriver, but in the compartment there is a lot more space for things besides the headset. Fully functional, non-slip handle. 210 mm.

    • 12,50

  • Stash Spark plug

    Small size container with screw closure. Spark plug size: 85 x 16 mm.


    • 1,80

    • Not available

  • The Mantle - Stash

    Neceser de viaje capaz de contener eficazmente los olores más fuertes. Su exclusiva tecnología optimiza la seguridad para evitar la emisión de olores.  Estas bolsas Stash están forradas con una doble cobertura de carbón para eliminar los olores y cuentan con un sistema de cremalleras y solapa que optimiza su función, con un exterior resistente al agua. Dimensiones: 21 x 11.5  x 12 cm.

    • 54,90

  • The Mini - Stash

    Práctica cartera tamaño bolsillo a prueba de olores con doble cierre de velcro, tapa absorve olores y un tejido exterior resistente al agua. El forro cuenta con una cobertura de carbón para eliminar olores. Cada bolsa está meticulosamente fabricada y optimizada a fin de bloquear emisiones de olor. Dimensiones: 11.5 x 12 cm.

    • 17,50

  • The Money - Stash

    Cartera de mano a prueba de olores. Las bolsas de transporte Stash ofrecen niveles de protección que absorben eficazmente los olores más fuertes. Su exclusiva tecnología optimiza la seguridad para evitar la emisión de olores. Las bolsas están forradas con una cobertura de carbón, cuentan con una solapa de doble cierre y un exterior resistente al agua. Dimensiones: 21 x 12 cm.

    • 25,20

  • Toilet Brush Stash

    The toilet brush is probably the last place anyone would think to look for hidden objects. Bottom compartment with screw lock. Size: 140 x 140 x 400 mm.

    • 19,10

  • True Amsterdam Stash Book

    Aged binding book with hidden compartment of magnetic closure. Book size: 100 x 173 x 48 mm. Compartment size: 80 x 138 x 40 mm.

    • 20,80

    • Not available

  • Weekkies Hermetic Thermosealable Bag

    Discreet anti-odor bag with zip closure, heat sealable, ideal to carry any type of material without attracting attention. Manufactured in high quality aluminium, totally hermetic and very resistant.

    • 1,70

  • Wrench Stash Can

    Stash liquid lubricant container with maximum usable space. Perfect for the car or garage. Measures: 65 x 207 mm.

    • 20,90

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