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    Production obtained from plants subjected to strict protocols that allow us to precisely control all the fundamental variables and obtain a product of the highest quality with a high concentration of CBD. The flowers are cleaned, processed and packaged completely by hand, which allows for a perfect final result. Indoor hydroponic cultivation.

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    Our infamous Cannatonic, now known all over Europe, has a citrus taste and at the same time releases woody flavours, characterised by a piney aftertaste. It comes from the cross between a MK Ultra female and a famous G13 Haze male and thanks to its high CBD content produces a very relaxing and balanced feeling.

    Our new variety is called Gorilla Glue, derived from the legendary West Coast variety, this CBD genetics follows the details of the original strain of slightly indica dominant THC, characterized by its unmistakable Californian aroma. Its appearance, as the name suggests, is extremely resinous, sticky and produces compact, light green buds with orange tones in flowering. Its smooth and enveloping flavour is a magnificent and intense blend of sweet notes with earthy aromas and an aftertaste reminiscent of lemon, tropical fruits and hints of pine.
    It has an elongated and compact central bud, with light green leaves. During the flowering period it develops a powerful central flower. The main characteristics derive from the crossing of a Skunk and a Cheese that allow a rigorous and robust plant. An exotic taste and addictive aroma predominate, releasing a pineapple aftertaste. This variety is widely used for recreational and therapeutic purposes, with a marked relaxing effect.

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      Rating 5/5 based on 2 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2024/02/05
      • Esto es otro nivel, no hay nada parecido en el mercado a este precio, parece hierba normal de interior y bien secada y curada, nada de cogollos oscuros y que huelen a moho, abres la bolsa y el aroma es bestial y el sabor también, he probado la cannatonic (de momento para mi la mejor) que huele u sabe como las diesel, a pomelo o mandarina, y la super skunk que aunque no se parece a la clásica superskunk (me parece mas una pineapple) esta también muy muy buena. En breve probare la otra y espero que podáis traer mas variedades para probar. Merece totalmente la pena pagar un poco mas por estas delicias. Gracias al equipo de thgrow por buscar en el mercado cosas como esta.

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