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    AUTOFLOWERING. This is an autoflowering version of Advanced Seeds´s Afghan Skunk, a tough plant with a great adaptability to all kind of crops. It produces a large amount of resin with an intense aroma of hashish. Delicious and relaxing Afghan power. Flowering time: 65 - 70 days / Indoor - Outdoor

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  • Product description

  • Auto Afghan Skunk is a result of a cross between Afghan Skunk and Rudelaris. More specifically, a selection has been made to take the ones that keep the main characteristics of Afghan Skunk and the autoflowering capacity of the Rudelaris variety.

    Thanks to its powerful inheritance, this autoflowering variety is very stable, productive and resistant to plagues and adverse climatic conditions.

    The sweet, soft and long lasting taste of the Auto Afghan Skunk evokes the delicacy of red fruits like strawberries or raspberries with a slight acid touch.

    Genética: Afghan Skunk Auto
    Rendimiento: 400 - 500 gr / m2
    THC: 15%
    Altura interior: 75 - 100 cm
    Altura Exterior: 80 - 140 cm
    Floracion Interior: 65 - 70 días
    Cosecha Exterior: de Abril a Noviembre

    • Customer reviews (3)

      Rating 4.6/5 based on 12 vote(s)

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      • Anonymous 2019/10/07
      • Boas

      • Maluko 2019/03/26
      • Meteste dentro de casa ou ca fora ?

      • Vitó 2016/12/20
      • Boas pessoal, eu tenho uma coisa a dizer a cerca destas sementes, das melhores q ja cultivei, facil germinação, muito rapida, em menos de 4 meses boa erva sai, e quanto q qntds 130 em duas plantonas q cresceram e alargaram q nem foi bom, bons fumos....
        aconselho 5 *

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