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Cosmetics & Health

Natural and nutritional qualities of cannabis have many positive effects on our health. Cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory, palliative, analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral effects. It also helps in the treatment of many common diseases and problems of aging, and usually helps to relieve pain effectively when applied locally as an oil or ointment. Unlike many classics, this natural substance does not have any side effect. The psychoactive effects are suppressed in industrial cannabis varieties used in the manufacture of these products.

  • Amsterdam Hemp Soap

    Handmade soap made in Holland. Ingredients (INCI): sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, parfum, glycerine, urtica dioica folia leafs, sodium chloride, coumarin, tetra sodium EDTA, tetra sodium etidronate, CI 11680, CI 77266, CI 74260, CI 12490.

    • 4,56Before: 4,80

  • Arthrocann Collagen Omega 3-6 Forte - Annabis

    Specially designed for adults and for the elderly, this food supplement provides collagen and essential acids Omega 3 and 6. Extracted from flax and hemp seeds, it is an ideal supplement for strengthening bones or cartilage. It also contains the NaturCOLLAX complex with collagen type I and II certification, vitamins C and D3, ginger, turmeric and boswellia.

    • 18,53Before: 19,50

    • Not available

  • Arthrocann Gel 75 ml - Annabis

    Cannabis extract gel to treat joints, muscles, tendons and back. Its consistency makes it easy to spread and is quickly absorbed. In addition to cannabis seed extract and oils, it also contains more than 10 natural active ingredients such as chestnut seed extract, comfrey root extract, tea tree oil, thyme and colloidal silver.

    • 14,25Before: 15,00

  • Atopicann Cream 100 ml - Annabis

    Cream for the atopic skin and psoriasis symptoms relief. Contains hemp seed oil and a unique combination of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sea salt, zinc and colloidal silver. These compounds moisturize and nourish the skin, eliminate bedsores and reduce redness and itching, providing a calming and regenerating effect.

    • 14,25Before: 15,00

  • Balcann Oak Tree Bark Gel 75 ml - Annabis

    Rapidly absorbed repairing gel that helps alleviate the symptoms of very dry, rough, irritated or chapped skin. In addition to oak bark, it contains carefully selected natural active ingredients such as colloidal silver, aloe vera and allantoin, as well as the hemp oil active ingredient and hemp seed extract.

    • 14,25Before: 15,00

  • Balcann Oak Tree Bark Organic Ointment - Annabis

    Highly effective active ingredient ointment for the treatment of damaged, cracked, irritated, dry or itchy skin. Balcann Oak Tree Bark can be used for all skin types. It is also suitable for sensitive or problematic skin. Composed by extract of cannabis seeds and oil, sandalwood, atlas cedar bark, myrtle, shea butter and other active substances.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

    • Not available

  • Balcann Organic Ointment - Annabis

    Balcann is a cannabis ointment designed for skin care with a wide range of possible uses. It is recommended to be used on damaged, cracked, irritated, dry or itchy skin. In addition to medicinal cannabis, the natural active substances in the original formula are very effective in solving a large number of skin problems.

    • 7,60Before: 8,00

    • Not available

  • Bodycann Body Milk 250 ml - Annabis

    Body lotion composed of cannabis oil and salt extracted from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea salt has a high content of magnesium, calcium, bromides and sulfates and provides an ideal calming effect to combat muscle fatigue. Bodycann Body Milk hydrates the skin and treats problems such as acne or psoriasis.

    • 9,50Before: 10,00

  • Bodycann Shampoo 250 ml - Annabis

    Bodycann Shampoo contains cannabis oil indicated for hair and scalp care. Its natural active ingredients promote skin health and prevent hair loss. Bodycann Shampoo has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. It relieves itching and prevents dandruff. Indicated for sensitive skins thanks to the organic foaming agents that compose it.

    • 10,93Before: 11,50

  • Bodycann Shower Gel 250 ml - Annabis

    Skin care shower gel. Promotes the skin's healthy appearance, relieves itching and helps in the prevention of skin disease symptoms. Due to the active substances that compose it, it is recommended for sensitive skins.

    • 10,45Before: 11,00

    • Not available

  • Cannabis como Medicamento, F. Grotenhermen

    Cannabis como Medicamento. Autor: Franjo Grotenhermen. Ed. Cañamo, 171 páginas.

    • 21,00

  • Cannabis Positivo, W. Bruining

    Cannabis Positivo, Aceite Medicinal. Autor: Wernard Bruining. Ed. Positronics Seeds S. L. 164 páginas. El pionero de la cultura del cannabis en Europa expone en este libro cómo el cáñamo podría ayudarnos a solucionar muchos de los problemas económicos, sanitarios, sociales y medioambientales que sufre la sociedad moderna, derivados de la prohibición y la desinformación general provocada por esta.

    • 12,00

  • Cannabis y Cannabinoides

    Cannabis y Cannabinoides. Farmacología, toxicología y potencial terapéutico. Franjo Grotenhermen, Ethan Russo, Ricardo Navarrete Varo (editores). Ed. Castellarte. 340 páginas.

    • 45,00

  • Cannol Cannabis Oil - Annabis

    Cannol is a very high quality cannabis oil that can be applied in massages, baths and cosmetics, as it has beneficial effects applicable to the whole body. Its active substances have been carefully chosen to provide relaxation and regeneration in addition to recognized benefits to prevent or reduce stiffness, convulsions or swelling.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

    • Not available

  • CBD Balm + Menthol - 100 ml - Alviolor

    Balsam CBD + menthol is formulated with 100% vegetable oils, CBD hemp extract and menthol. It is ideal for painful or inflamed areas, fibromyalgia or contractures and is specially formulated for massage in specific areas, but can also be used for massages throughout the body. Contains no preservatives or perfume.

    • 22,99Before: 24,20

    • Not available

  • CBD Balm with Shea, Marigold and Tea Tree - 100 ml - Alviolor

    Balsam made with hemp oil, shea butter, marigold and tea tree essence, high in CBD. Ideal for skin problems: psoriasis, dry skin, eczema, acne, pitting, ... The selection of its natural ingredients and the synergy created between them makes it very usefull for the skin. Formulated with 100% vegetable oils.

    • 23,28Before: 24,50

  • CBD Hemp Face Cream - 50 ml - Alviolor

    Anti-aging hemp facial cream, made with oil and organic hemp extract and specially formulated for the daily care and protection of the skin. Against the signs of aging. Formulated with hemp oil, olive oil, shea butter and hemp extract rich in Cannabidiol (CBD).

    • 22,61Before: 23,80

  • CBD Roll-On - 14 ml - Alviolor

    Roll-On for easy use in any affected area. With hemp oil, jojoba, olive and hemp extract with high CBD levels. The high CBD concentration allows you to treat a specific area for greater effectiveness. Ideal for insect bites, acne, herpes, psoriasis, muscle or joint pain,... Content: 14 ml.

    • 29,45Before: 31,00

  • CBD Tattoo Oil - 250 ml - Alviolor

    Hemp, jojoba, almond and olive oils combination to which CBD extract has been added to allow daily tattoo care in particular and skin care in general, relieving pain and hydrating the skin. Contents: 250 ml.

    • 28,50Before: 30,00

  • Cocina Cannábica, 47 recetas recopiladas por Cáñamo

    Cocina Cannábica, 47 recetas recopiladas por Cáñamo. Varios autores. Completo recitario de cannabis y derivados que incluye desayunos, degustaciones, recetas para fiestas, elaboración de pan, brebajes, entrantes, carnes, pescados y postres. Cáñamo ediciones, 110 páginas.

    • 12,00

  • Cremcann Bio Omega 3-6 - Annabis

    Regenerating and hydrating facial cream for daily skin care. Its natural components, including medicinal cannabis, provide long-term softness, hydration and regeneration and have a significant rejuvenating effect. These components help prevent wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis or acne. It is recommended for very sensitive skin with flaking.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

    • Not available

  • Cremcann Hyaluron - Annabis

    Medicinal cannabis facial cream. Regenerating and hydrating with a high hyaluronic acid content to correct facial wrinkles and leave the skin visibly smoother. Hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin restoring its natural volume.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

    • Not available

  • Cremcann Q10 - Annabis

    Regenerating and hydrating facial cream based on medicinal cannabis and coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10, oil and cannabis seed extract contribute to regeneration, prevent wrinkles, supply energy to skin cells and protect the skin from damage caused by toxic free radicals.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

  • Cremcann Silver - Annabis

    Facial cream designed for the daily acne and cold sore treatment. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, together with colloidal silver nanoparticles, it prevents skin problems. This cream contributes to the natural skin beauty restoration, especially the most sensitive and damaged.

    • 7,13Before: 7,50

  • Dolorcann Ointment - Annabis

    Cannabis ointment for frequent massage that helps relieve joint, tendon, muscle and inflammation pains. It is also recommended during post-operative trauma and rehabilitation, as well as for fractures, blows or sprains or as treatment after sports activities and strenuous exercise.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

    • Not available

  • Gel Hidroalcohólico Greengel Protect - Greenmotiv

    Gel hidroalcóholico desinfectante, no necesita aclarado, enriquecido con aloe vera. Permite una desinfección completa de las manos al mismo tiempo que las mantiene cuidadas gracias a los efectos beneficiosos del aloe vera. Ideal para cuando no se dispone de agua y jabón al alcance. En formato de 100 ml, para llevar en todo momento, o en 400 ml, para el hogar o centros de trabajo.

    • 4,75Before: 5,00

  • Handcann Hand Cream 75 ml - Annabis

    Hand cream with cannabis oil with regenerating and protective effects for dry and cracked hand skin. Thanks to its essential fatty acids and other substances contained in its formula, it protects the hands and nails. This cream is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy sensation.

    • 6,65Before: 7,00

  • Hemp + CBD Massage Oil - 250 ml - Alviolor

    The combination of organic hemp oil with almond, olive and soybean oil, enhanced with hemp extract rich in CBD provides a high content of essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 that nourish, regenerate, soothe and moisturize the skin with its high antioxidant power. Ideal to be applied before and after sport.

    • 33,16Before: 34,90

  • Hemp + CBD moisturizing lotion - 250 ml - Alviolor

    Moisturizing lotion made with oil and organic hemp extract CBD, sweet almond oil and olive oil. Specially formulated for daily skin care and protection. It does not grease the skin, leaves a soft touch and has a rapid absorption. Suitable for all skin types, dry or oily.

    • 21,76Before: 22,90

  • Hemp Massage Gel 300 ml - Annabis

    This cannabis gel is mainly intended for frequent massages in problematic and painful areas. Easy to spread and well absorption. The natural substances it contains help relieve pain in joints and tendons, release muscle tension and prevent inflammation and swelling.

    • 17,10Before: 18,00

  • Hydrating Cream Rich in CBD - MyCBD

    MyCBD's CBD rich moisturizers are recommended for people with arthritis or dermatitis problems who have pruritis, as they have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on itching. They are made of cannabidiol (CBD), which for its beneficial effects, help in case of inflammation and local pain. 100% organic natural cream.

    • 22,99Before: 24,20

  • Jabón de Aceite de Cáñamo Bottega Della Canapa

    Jabón natural realizado con aceite de cáñamo. El aceite de cáñamo tiene múltiples propiedades para el ciudado de la piel: evita la pérdida de humedad, el secado o el agrietamiento y contribuye a la restauración de lípidos en la piel. Pastillas de 100 gramos con composiciones específicas. Fabricado en Italia.

    • 2,50Before: 2,63

  • La Cocina de la Marihuana, Tom Flowers

    La cocina de la marihuana, recetas para la diversión y la salud. Tom Flowers, Editorial Virus. 88 páginas. Completo recetario ilustrado sobre la ingestión oral de esta sabrosa hierba, acompañado de instrucciones precisas para su disfrute en la cocina y en la salud. Incluye 50 recetas e información sobre cómo preparar los extractos y concentrados necesarios.

    • 12,00

    • Not available

  • Lipsticann Lip Balm 15 ml - Annabis

    Lipsticann is a highly effective medicinal cannabis and beeswax based lip balm. It helps prevent lip cracks and contributes significantly to the herpes removal. It moisturizes and firms the lips and protects them from harsh external conditions such as the sun, providing a healthy appearance.

    • 5,23Before: 5,50

    • Not available

  • Menthol Hemp Gel Cooling Effect 200 ml - Annabis

    Gel with cannabis extract to treat joints, tendons, muscles and back pain. Refreshing, quickly absorbed and easily spread. With its more than 17 active substances, it causes a relief sensation in a very short time. Indicated for massaging painful areas, and very effective for regeneration and rehabilitation after operations, fractures, bleeding, sport and after strenuous exercise.

    • 14,25Before: 15,00

  • Orcann Mouthwash - Annabis

    Concentrated mouthwash for daily oral care. Its natural substances help to improve the oral cavity health, eliminates unpleasant smells and has an important preventive effect. Orcann helps in the prevention of periodontitis, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and cold sores.

    • 14,73Before: 15,50

  • Tattoo Balm CBD - 100 ml - Alviolor

    Daily tattoo care balm formulated from hemp oil and CBD extract combined with shea and cocoa butter, soybean and almond oil, calendula extract, and peppermint and rosemary essential oils. These ingredients provide many benefits for the care of tattoos in particular and skin in general.

    • 23,28Before: 24,50

  • Varicann Q10 Gel 75 ml - Annabis

    Varicann Gel contains colloidal silver, coenzyme Q10 and Cannabis Seed Oil and Extract, as well as a multitude of active ingredients and natural essences. This combination helps to alleviate acute and prolonged symptoms associated with the "tired legs" feeling. 

    • 14,25Before: 15,00

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