Chlorine in paper products


    Paper mills are usually located near water sources, as they use it to boil, clean and bleach pulp. The natural color of the paper is either beige or light brown. Bleaching is the most common method used to make white paper.

    There are two methods of bleaching paper. The most common method uses chlorine dioxide (CO2) as the bleaching agent. The second method - which uses hydrogen peroxide - is expensive and therefore unusual.

    Most chlorine is produced by salt water electrolysis. Chlorine is used to bleach paper and waste is dumped into our lakes or rivers. Chlorine, in turn, binds to organic materials creating highly toxic organic chemicals such as dioxin.



    What is dioxin?


    The term "dioxin" describes a group of highly toxic chemicals that are produced by various industrial processes that use or burn chlorine-containing products, including incinerators and kraft paper mills. Dioxins are among the most potent toxic chemicals known.



    What are the effects of dioxins on human health?


    There is convincing scientific evidence that dioxins can cause cancer and disrupt hormonal, reproductive and immune systems. The developing fetus and infants are particularly sensitive to the harmful effects of dioxins. Recent studies suggest that dioxins are also an "endocrine disrupter" - one of the toxic chemicals that interfere with our hormone systems by mimicking natural hormones and blocking or disrupting their normal action.

    For all these reasons, in order not to harm your health or the environment, we recommend that whenever you can opt for unbleached products. 

    Here is a list of some of the unbleached products you can find on our website:



    Smoking paper:

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