The soil is the simplest and most natural growing medium for growing cannabis and therefore the ideal choice if you are starting or if you want to make an organic crop as simple as possible. 


    In the market you can find a multitude of substrates, usually a mixture of peat, earthworm humus, coconut fibre and sometimes some synthetic materials that help to maintain humidity and sponginess. The characteristics of each soil make it more or less suitable for each type of crop and for each phase of the plant's development.


    Germination and rooting of cuttings:


    The germination and rooting phases are essential for a successful cultivation. During these phases, overfertilization can be lethal to our marijuana seedlings. 


    The most appropriate in these cases is to use soil with low fertilizer content, so that we have total control of the food we are providing to our plants. 


    Two good examples of this type of soil are Light Mix by Biobizz and Ata Janeco Light Mix by Atami. Both are very spongy and slightly fertile soils, characteristics that help rapid root growth.  


    Some growers continue to use this type of soil throughout the crop in order to be able to accurately control the nutrients provided. This way demands more attention, since after a few days the plant will have no food unless we provide it.


    Growth and flowering phases:


    During the growth and flowering phases, plants need much more food to be able to create, firstly, a solid structure to support future buds and, secondly, a production of large, quality flowers. In this case it is advisable to use nutrient-rich substrates. 


    As the offer of this type of substrates is very wide, we propose you our favorite options:


    All-Mix is a rich substrate that allows exuberant growth without the need to add nutrients for the first two weeks.


    Ata Bi Grow Mix is a specially designed soil for the growing phase. It has been fertilized gently and ecologically to cover the crop's first days, after which we must add liquid fertilizers.


    Ata Organics Kilomix contains a high fertilizer content. It allows the cannabis plants to feed for a long period of time. This feature ensures that plants develop without nutrient deficiencies.


    In our substrates section you can find some more soils, as well as other substrates such as coconut or rock wool.