The first days of life of a marijuana plant are very important for its future development. To cultivate this plant successfully, it is essential to know the process of germination of cannabis seeds perfectly.


    Each grower has his preferences, but there are some practices that the entire cannabis community accepts as correct and it is highly recommended to follow.


    A good way to germinate the seeds is to put them in a container with bottled water. Never use pharmacy cotton or paper napkins. These products usually contain harmful chemical agents, such as chlorine or bleaches, which can negatively affect the germination of the seeds.





    The seeds should be kept in the water, in a warm place (between 20-25ºC) and protected from light until they open. During this period you have to change the water every 48 hours or the seeds will rot.


    Remember that we are dealing with living beings and it is difficult to predict what their behavior will be. We can not control all the parameters that influence the germination process, but following our recommendations, having patience and treating the seeds with great affection, you will surely succeed.




    The process of birth of a cannabis plant can be extended up to 10 days. This is usually because the seeds of some varieties have a very hard shell. If after 7 or 8 days a seed has not been opened, it is advisable to help it by carefully breaking its peel through the tip area. You can use a forceps, your fingers or your teeth, but remember to do it very delicately or you will destroy the seed.


    Once opened, we can place them in the substrate with the tip of the root upwards, burying them a little (less than 1 cm.). It’s important to keep them in a warm place, protected from light, until they leave the substrate and they open the first two round leaves (Cotyledons).





    This is the time to put them in the sun or under the spotlight, but making special attention not to burn them. At that time they are very delicate and an excessive amount of heat and light can irreparably damage them in a few hours.


    The election of the first substrate to transplant it, should be according to the culture choosed. In case of choosing soil, the best is to finish the germination in a Jiffy or directly in soil in a small pot. However, if you decide to make a hydroponic crop, the best option is to finish the germination in rockwool cubes.


    At THGrow.com we have some specific products for germination. These products usually contain substances that help soften the shell of the seed, generate roots and prevent mold and other diseases that can affect the plant.


    This is the case of Xseed, a specific treatment to germinate cannabis seeds that prevents diseases and potentiates rooting in the early stages of plant development.


    Similar to Xseed, we have Plagron's SeedBooster, a set of enzymes that accelerate the germination process and provide protection against fungi or bacteria. SeedBooster is also included in Plagron's SeedBox, which also contains a seedbed with transparent cover and 12 germination plugs (similar to 41 mm Jiffys).