• How to choose my seeds?

    Here we present a quick guide to select between the different varieties according to your needs and tastes, Indica varieties, Sativa, Hybrids, Autos, Super Autos, and also according to their profile of cannabinoids.



    Regular Seeds

    They are normally chosen by old school growers. These seeds produce both male and female plants, are also ideal for crosses and mother plants because they are more stable genetically. Not so appreciated for commercial growers due to the time and resources invested to grow some plants that eventually about half of them will be males.

    Examples: Northern Ligths, Hash Plant, Pakistan Chitral Kush, Durban Poison.


    Feminized Seeds

    From the feminized varieties will grow only female plants, it is not necessary to waste time and resources to remove the males, ideal for beginners and commercial crops, both indoor or outdoor. Obtained from a revolutionary technique that combines agricultural engineering with natural selection. Those seeds are the best solution for indoor growers because the rate of females is close to 99%.

    Examples: Chocolate Skunk, Critical, Super Skunk, Bubble Gum.


    Autoflowering Seeds

    Although there are regular autoflowering varieties, the most popular are the feminized autoflowering seeds. They are varieties with rudelaris genetics, which grow naturally in the area near the north pole and therefore have a very fast bloom and its cycle of growth and bloom does not depend on photoperiod. These varieties do not need to reduce the hours of light because they are not photo-dependents and can bloom with 24 hours of light. They are ideal for quick crops or where the size of the plants can be a problem. The total time from seed to crop of these varieties is around 75 days.

    Examples: Auto Bubble Gum, Auto Amnesia, Cream Caramel Auto, Auto CBG.


    Super Automatic Seeds

    Super Auto varieties are a qualitative and quantitative leap on automatic varieties. They are bigger, offer greater production and usually have a greater genetics component of productive hybrids or sativas. Ideal for outdoor cultivation in northern areas where long flowering sativas normally can not achieve its end due to early rains or cold days. The longest time from seed to crop (100-120 days) is easily rewarded with big productions above normal autos.

    Examples: Auto Super Skunk, High Mass Auto Super Big, Super Cali Haze.


    Indica Seeds

    As its name suggests, this genetic comes from the area surrounding the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, ...) where summers are shorter. The flowering time is around 8 weeks, and the plants grow with short internodes, leaf with wide leaflets and compact flowering. Ideal for cold climates or short summers. The effect is very physical, relaxing and narcotic. Usually preferred by patients seeking a cannabic medicinal alternative to their ailments, either to treat pain or insomnia. They are perfect for hashish extraction.

    Examples: Shiva Skunk, Early Widow, Shark Widow, Caramel Kush.


    Sativa Seeds

    Genetics from tropical places, with long summers. They are usually tall plants with larger internodes, also leafs with thin leaflets and blooms with large tails full of buds, usually thinner and less compact than Indica varieties. The effect is more cerebral, creative and euphoric. More suitable for consumption during the day because they are more stimulant and have not many relaxant effects. They are a favorite of recreational growers but also have specific medicinal effects.

    Examples: Destroyer, Panama, Jack Plant, Arjan’s Haze 2.


    Hybrid Seeds

    The combination of indica and sativa in all aspects and spectra. The hybrid vigor causes a very fast growth of the plants. They are very productives, with heavy and large buds. The effects are mixed and there is a very large range depending on the genetic "mixture". Very suitable for commercial or for those who like to have several flavors, aromas and effects on the same plant crops.

    Examples: Afghan Skunk, Skunk nº 1, Critical Soma, Kali 47.


    High THC Seeds

    As the name suggests, plants with large amounts of THC are varieties where we can find hybrids indicas and sativas that are rich in THC production. The THC is one of the main cannabionides present in the cannabis plant. High THC varieties are chosen by recreational users for its euphoric effects, meditation and many laughs. Today it is known that THC also has many medicinal uses. They are also chosen by artists seeking creative moments.

    Examples: 00 Cheese, Black Diesel, Arjan’s Haze 1, Green Crack.


    CBD Seeds

    The CBD is the second cannabinoid most studied in the cannabis plant. It has numerous medicinal properties and also acts as an antagonist of THC, making a smooth and full effect. The perfect choice for anyone who does not have much tolerance to THC. With these varieties, the properties of THC can be enjoyed but much softer. There are currently several studies on the benefits of CBD for the treatment of many ailments and diseases. The list of ratios of THC and CBD is also large, ranging from 1:1, 1:2 to 1:20 also according to the needs and tastes of each grower.

    Examples: Bubba Kush CBD, Chocolate Skunk CBD, Shark Widow CBD, CBD Therapy.