• I weed 4:20What is that 4:20 about?


    420, 4/20, 4:20, four-twenty,... What did I miss? April 20 has become a countercultural festival in North America, where people gather to share their cannabis, claiming not only the decriminalization and legalization of this wonderful plant, but also the joy and well-being of consuming it in company. However, the original concept has transcended beyond a specific date and beyond its origins as a code among young Californians. One of the first lessons thah smokers learn is that, while the significance of 420 is obvious to them, as a universal or international symbol of the culture of marijuana, it is also a "secret" code to the uninitiated.


    Four-Twenty PartyThus, 4:20 pm is in the Anglo-Saxon world, the time at which you may smoke your spliff. A sort of thought and action in common in which you will be accompanied by thousands of stoners that, like you, are giving fire to their tribute for the same reason. The 420 is also a code: if in a party or concert advertisment, poster or flyer you see discreetly written this number, this means that your grass will be welcomed or maybe you can even get there a few buds to enjoy the night. In the bulletin boards of the University, if you are looking for a new roommate and want him or her to be tolerant of your crop, add a 420 strategically to your ad, and who might understand, will understand. However where the hell does this "magic" number come from?  


    Some history


    Although 4:20 celebrations have become popular and widespread over recent years, its origin seems to be in the adventures lived in 1971 by a group of friends from high school in San Rafael, in Northern California. In the autumn of that year, five teenagers found a hand-drawn map that supposedly disclosed a marijuana cultivation in Point Reyes, northwest of San Francisco. These friends, who called themselves the Waldos, stayed after school, in the statue of Louis Pasteur (lower image), at 4:20 PM, and went in search of the treasure. They never found it.


    La famosa estatua de Pasteur en San Rafael, que vió nacer el 420."We used to smoked a lot of grass at that time," says Dave Reddix (also known as Waldo Dave), now a 59 years filmmaker. "Half the fun was to go get it".


    The group began using the number 420 and adopted the habit of smoking the joint after school at 4:20 p.m. in front of the pioneer of microbiology bust until it became a ritual. And so they began to do their acquaintances, friends and friends of friends, including the rock band Grateful Dead. The term was spread among fans of the group, the Deadheads. And from there soaked up all the cannabis counterculture movement.


      And later, in 1990, Steve Bloom, editor at High Times, saw the explanation for the number 420 in a band leaflet. The staff of the magazine, for a long time the leading publication about marijuana, started using it. Its editorial meetings were at 4:20. The magic number was unstoppable.




    Some curiosities about 4:20420 miles


    Such is the devotion of some people towards the 420 that in the State of Colorado, the Department of Transportation has been obliged to replace the sign that marked the 420 miles from Interstate #70 because of the continuing theft, for another marking the "419.99" miles. Sure that most of you have seen Pulp Fiction, but did you know that all the clocks in the film are set at the same time? Yes, you guessed it, at 4:20. So check your watch and ...




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    420 blaze it!